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Digital Workplace

Make your digital workplace experience seamless

Co-create a secure, equitable employee experience to fuel collaboration, your organizational culture and better bottom-line results

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to create an intelligent, continuously improved digital workplace that empowers employees to collaborate, be productive and enhance business outcomes – while fostering your organizational culture. Understanding the ideal experience requires deep insights that are beyond traditional metrics.

Our open digital workplace platform is designed for proactive and predictive issue avoidance, it uses cognitive automation and self-healing technology. Together, we can create an integrated, secure hybrid workplace that’s future ready.

“Everything Kyndryl does across the digital workplace is data-driven, with analytics guiding and being prescriptive regarding what the end-user experience needs to be, facilitated through its cognitive channel. Kyndryl focuses on the integration of analytics, cognitive, and automation into all workplace offerings.” — NelsonHall

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Singapore Airlines entrusts Kyndryl with Digital Workplace transformation

Kyndryl and Singapore Airlines (SIA) have collaborated to transform the digital workplace experience for its employees worldwide. SIA embarked on the workplace transformation initiative with Kyndryl in 2021 to modernize its end user services and consolidate all back-end infrastructure.




Making Hybrid Work

Hear from Ivan Dopplé, General Manager Kyndryl Digital Workplace Services, on the state of hybrid work and what leading organizations are doing to modernize and improve employee digital experiences. Gain insight on the relationship between employee experiences and happy customers -- 85% of executives agree that a better employee experience and higher employee engagement translate to a better customer experience, higher satisfaction, and more revenue. Learn what CIOs and CHROs can do to make hybrid work.



Modern Device Management Services

Offering an exceptional employee experience relies on the efficiency, connectedness, and performance of every application, server, platform, device, service, and even physical surroundings of your hybrid workplace ecosystem.

Modern Device Management is a highly configurable approach to this complex multi-vendor and multi-tool environments. It aims to deliver an enhanced employee experience by providing a single, end-to-end management service for virtually all end user devices, operating systems, and ownership models.

IT Support Services

The need for workplace services support varies from business to business, and it’s imperative to have workplace support services that can integrate cognitive capabilities and automation into your IT support strategy based on your unique needs.

Our future-ready support services are tailored to fit your needs, delivering a high-grade consumer-like support experience through a variety of channels designed to drive productivity and increase end-user satisfaction.

Desktop Virtualization Services

Time is crucial in ensuring business continuity and powering innovation in the digital workplace. Our Desktop Virtualization Services can help prevent business disruption as you switch to a hybrid workplace model. We deliver modern workspaces through a fast, automated rollout that provides significant agility, scalability, and ready access to mobile and remote employees.

Workplace Collaboration Services

Today’s workers are accustomed to working from anywhere and expect access to tools and information without boundaries.  


Kyndryl works with you to deliver a cloud-based suite of productivity solutions including email, instant messaging, voice, social, file sharing and video that enables workers to exchange information, stay connected, and become more productive regardless of their location.

Kyndryl Consult for Digital Workplace Services

Kyndryl Consult provides strategy,  implementation, and migration services that span the employee digital experience including device management, IT support, workplace virtualization and the full power and capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Kyndryl Contact Center as a Service

Deliver exceptional employee and customer experiences with a state-of-the-art omnichannel cloud contact center solution that helps modernize your business operations, empower your contact center employees, and provide enhanced customer service and support. 

We've improved performance and reliability through our device health monitoring practice, and that's foundational.

Chris Anderson

Director of Computer Services, Dow

Enhance end user experience and productivity

A multinational petroleum company improved end user experience impacts by 30%, increasing employee productivity

Reduce device management and support costs

A large retailer reduced device management costs by 30%

Decrease number of support incidents

A government agency reduced the number of monthly calls to the service desk by 50%

Our Digital Workplace Services difference

We support over 650 customers across more than 50 countries. Some of the top differentiated ways we help our customers include:​

Open Technology Platform

Our open Digital Workplace Platform integrates with industry leading solutions. It uses cognitive analytics and automation to provide a modern digital workplace with advanced security capabilities.

See our technology platform in action — watch our demo video  ->

Enhanced digital experiences

Kyndryl measures and optimizes the employee digital experience to improve collaboration, productivity and culture. We predictively and proactively secure and fix things before they break.

See what IDC wrote about the employee experience and Kyndryl's capabilities ->

Scale, security and expertise

We manage millions of devices and virtual desktops, handle about two million service contacts per month and incorporate robust security and resiliency capabilities in our offerings.

Hear from one of our customers about our scale, security and expertise ->



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