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Our Values

Working together to build a culture of responsibility and excellence

The Kyndryl Way

At Kyndryl, our cultural journey began with building brand values that truly encompass a shared and lived experience. The origin of The Kyndryl Way was our desire to offer customers, investors, partners and employees an experience of mutual benefit and success.  


The Kyndryl Way was developed through a culture exchange between Kyndryl leaders and employees across the globe. This process required immense trust in one another, deep empathy for diverse viewpoints, and full transparency.  

"At the heart of Kyndryl's turnaround story is our culture transformation: The Kyndryl Way. Our business is all about building a services culture and how we engage with each other, our customers and our communities."

Martin Schroeter
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Our core principles

The Kyndryl Way underpins everything we do, from the way we engage with customers to the way we organize ourselves. We strive to build this culture every day by being:


To continuously anticipate, learn and innovate


To serve with trust and transparency


To shared success


To empower accountable and inclusive teams


To cultivate simplicity everywhere


To deliver best-in-class services

Our customer-focused culture

We put The Kyndryl Way into practice to meet customers where they are and deliver transformative solutions to address their unique business challenges.


Working with Kyndryl experts, Carrefour migrated from an end-of-life data center to a cloud environment, unifying customer experience across hundreds of stores in the process.

The Kyndryl Way in action

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Together we can make sure the world thrives.