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Helping manufacturers digitize and modernize operations to exceed customer requirements

Bridge IT and OT to streamline operations and optimize costs

Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to innovate, reduce cost, enhance production, accelerate change and optimize operations. To succeed, businesses need to digitize and modernize their operational technology (OT) and bridge the divide between IT and OT teams, enabling people, processes and technology to seamlessly work together.

Kyndryl provides proven technical expertise, capabilities and blueprints to guide manufacturers through the challenge of modernizing their IT and OT environments and addressing the complexities of digitizing and modernizing their plant floor environment.

Delivering sustainable operations in industrial segments through an ecosystem approach

Kyndryl partners with manufacturers to achieve key business outcomes

Manage digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 vision

Adapt to new transformative technologies

Bridge IT and OT through a Zero Trust lens

Manage digital transformation and the Industry 4.0 vision

Build a future roadmap and deliver the customer experience you want through digital capabilities.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Develop a strategy and roadmap for your Industry 4.0 journey using Industry blueprints
  • Provision software-defined and 5G-enabled edge services to build a “core-to-edge” solution with end-user device integration, cloud or edge-based application delivery, high-security options, automation, and innovative network services
  • Leverage repeatable patterns to integrate heterogeneous systems into a common fabric with a converged IT-OT infrastructure and the benefits of better visibility and asset optimization
  • Modernize IoT devices to enhance data collection and empower your enterprise through data analytics, AI, machine learning, and automation
  • Adoption of 5G and private wireless leads to business enablement and supports the objectives of digital transformation and Industry 4.0

    Read more about 5G and private wireless adoption ->
Customer use case

Business challenge
A chemical company wanted to modernize its remote business operations to meet customer demands, address plant security challenges, and reduce operations costs.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl deployed a private cellular network/5G solution, improved worker safety and collaboration within teams’, and asset tracking. The enhanced connectivity platform improved integration, and capability management on the cloud, and provided and an easily duplicatable blueprint.



  • 3-5x cost improvement over existing solution
  • Improved operational efficiency, safety, and mean time to repair for maintenance issues in the field
  • Built strong end-to-end, carrier-agnostic solution with a highly programmable network helping the customer reduce the cost of network operations
  • Reduced administrative costs, improved security, and control

Adapt to new transformative technologies

Innovate and build new business models that can transform your operations sustainably.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Deploy multi-cloud data management and AI solutions that use open and secure design and methodologies with data fabrics across the layers delivered with automated workflows and built-in intelligence
  • Implement a single, unified console to enable ease of use, consolidated monitoring and improved reliability with a one-of-a-kind augmented data and analytics console powered by open-source technologies
  • Leverage operational and business data to improve decision-making and improve operational efficiencies
  • Enable digital transformation of business to create new business model and revenue streams
  • Access the best of breed technologies through hyperscalers and industry-leading data and AI partners
Customer use case


Business challenge
A large manufacturing customer recently embarked on a digital transformation journey and wanted to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), build digital twins, and reduce downtime with predictive maintenance.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl implemented a hybrid data fabric solution and edge solution within the manufacturing locations that was integrated with best of breed hyperscaler technologies. These solutions enabled the customer to apply new business models for building digital twins, leveraging predictive maintenance, and enhancing equipment efficiency.



  • Increased machine availability by over 15% 

  • Reduced maintenance expenditure by over 10%

  • Established data-driven decision-making to reduce defects, boost yields, and improve employee productivity 

Modern plant: Successfully bridge IT and OT through a Zero Trust lens

Protect critical business data and applications in a security-rich infrastructure.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Drive Zero Trust framework governance
  • Apply a prevention first strategy to protecting OT Networks
  • Strengthen your endpoint integrity and implement protections like integrated segmentation and data resiliency
  • Implement an integrated strategy and well-documented plan to support the best opportunity for success in a run and manage state with measured outcomes
Customer use case


Business challenge
A midstream oil and gas provider had an IT and OT network that had grown rapidly, and they were concerned that their operations and interconnected control systems would become vulnerable.


How Kyndryl helped
The engagement started with an in-depth IT and control systems assessment. During the one-day assessment workshop, our experts evaluated controls across 23 key categories to determine the maturity level. Kyndryl later deployed the OT SaaS with 24/7 Managed Services.



  • Created a custom security plan that segments and protects the control system network including the PLC ring, individual PLC’s, and EWS / HMIs 
  • Identified and removed DHCP from PCN, consumer streaming traffic (Roku), mitigated downloading systems manuals from Romania, and stale 3rd party open IP connections
  • Applied a level 0 monitoring of key motor controls for Amine Gas Reflux Pumps and Mass Flow Meters
  • Improved network visibility, performance, and control with 24/7 SoC monitoring
  • Negotiated cyber insurance premium savings of $50,000 per location per year
  • Expanded OTSaaS cybersecurity protections and 24/7 SoC monitoring to three additional plants
Kyndryl expert spotlight

Rajeev Puri

CTO US Manufacturing, Communications & Energy Distinguished Engineer & Master Inventor


“Today clients of all sizes are struggling to automate their manufacturing operations, to remain competitive and drive business agility. They are looking for partners like Kyndryl who can help them with industry know-how and the technology skillset such as 5G, Edge, Data & AI, ML, and Security to help them achieve goals optimally."

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