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kyndryl® Access Point

An innovation program to help
startups grow and scale

What's in it for you?

You are a late-stage startup that needs help to grow and scale. We are the largest provider of IT infrastructure services with a global footprint and a rich customer base.

Kyndryl Access Point is an innovation program that allows startups to partner with Kyndryl to enable new business opportunities and drive transformation.

The partnership-based model is mutually beneficial. Your startup gains new pathways for growth with Kyndryl’s business support and scale; Kyndryl benefits from access to new and emerging technologies that help us deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

Are you ready to partner with us?

Kyndryl Access Point works with startups that have:

A scalable product

The startup offers a product or service that can work across markets and geographies.

Venture funding

The startup has received funding from seasoned institutional investors.

Active customers

The startup's product or services must be deployed and in-market.

ESG commitment

The startup is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

How Kyndryl Access Point works

Kyndryl Access Point helps startups generate value through long-term partnerships supported by a defined process that includes:

  • Collaborating with our experts and teams to strengthen and industrialize your business for growth and scale.
  • Helping to build a strategic roadmap.
  • Designing a joint go-to-market offering for our customers.
  • Accelerating your growth by launching into new markets and customer segments as trusted partner.

Case studies

Our startup partners are helping to propel new and emerging technologies.
World Wide Generation
World Wide Generation

Helping companies achieve true sustainability

G17Eco, from World Wide Generation, is the world’s first and truly global sustainability data, finance and solutions exchange. G17Eco is a partnership-driven ecosystem platform that helps organizations and nations map, monitor, measure, manage and market their end-to-end sustainability performance. G17Eco members can also share data directly with their internal and external stakeholders and access a rewards marketplace from one interoperable platform.


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