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Every Partnership Begins with Trust

Our mission is built on this guiding principle

Trust is essential

Kyndryl’s purpose, promise, and mission are built on a central guiding principle: Everything begins with trust.  

We believe that trust must be earned, and that faithful stewardship of customer data and privacy is paramount.  

We handle customer data as part of a mutually beneficial and freely undertaken partnership; any insights derived belong solely to this partnership through the whole data lifecycle, from inception to deletion.    

We commit to full transparency, so customers can create, curate, and clearly see what has been shared with Kyndryl, how it is handled, and for what value.

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Working with our customers is a responsibility and privilege that requires a personal devotion to trust and transparency every day.

Martin Schroeter
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Cyber security is fundamental

Cyber security is foundational to Kyndryl’s core mission to fulfill our customers’ critical and strategic needs – driving success, while ensuring continuity, availability, integrity, growth and confidentiality of all data and systems.


Our Chief Information Security Office (CISO) pursues this mission with a holistic approach that leverages highly experienced talent and innovative assets. As threats become increasingly sophisticated, so does our progressive method of designing and implementing security that anticipates, detects, mitigates, recovers, and restores operations with limited business impact.

We believe that trust is built through devotion to our clients’ success, driven by our focus and innovative approach to securing and defending their data.

Kris Lovejoy

Global Practice Leader, Security and Resiliency

We deliver cyber security with transparency to ensure our customers can trust that their information and services are safe and resilient.

Cory Musselman

Chief Information Security Officer

Integrity is foundational

Serving our customers and communities with integrity is a core Kyndryl value. We are committed to acting with the highest ethical standards always.


The Kyndryl Code of Conduct details that commitment and sets the standard to which we hold ourselves accountable. It is our guide to doing business the right way.

Customers can rely on Kyndryl to act with trust, transparency and integrity. We will never compromise our ethical standards.

Tom Jones

Chief Compliance Officer

Report a concern

We rely on our Kyndryl employees, customers, suppliers, alliance partners and others with which whom we engage to report any suspected unlawful or unethical conduct or potential violations of the Kyndryl Code of Conduct or policies.


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Privacy is paramount

At Kyndryl we value your privacy and are committed to protecting and processing your personal information responsibly.


Our privacy statement describes how Kyndryl collects, uses and shares your information.


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Kyndryl strives to build a comprehensive platform that respects and protects our customers' data privacy, while providing full transparency.

Dennis Tougas

Chief Privacy and Regulatory Officer


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