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Can hybrid work advance corporate culture? Hear Aegon CTO’s opinion

Podcast 1 nov. 2023

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Episode notes

Kyndryl research suggests financial services, banking, and insurance employees worldwide may have sharply different opinions than their bosses do about the power of hybrid work arrangements. Employees say hybrid work arrangements drive more productivity, better collaboration, and can enhance corporate culture. Listen as experts weigh in on the debate.

Learn more about the Kyndryl hybrid work survey here.

Featured experts

What you will hear

"The principles that we put in place give the employees the freedom to work when they need to work. It ensures they get done what they're supposed to be getting done. But it gives them a little bit of freedom to work how they want to work. We think globally with the principles, but we actually operate very locally."
– Debbie

"I believe that we have a chance for diversity and inclusion, which is opening a totally different capability to us I don't think we were thinking before COVID. Because it helps so many diversity groups to be a part of which we bridge with technology actually and the capabilities."
– Ivan

" gives people a different opportunity to work in a way that lets them be their best self. And that is going to make people feel included in an organization. And if you want a diverse organization, you need to make an inclusive organization. So this is really a huge step to making an inclusive organization."
– Debbie