Businesses around the world are digitally transforming their organizations. For many, these transformations offer key benefits, including cost savings, operational efficiencies and enhanced productivity. While adopting new cloud technologies, generative AI solutions and new ways to innovate has many advantages, it also introduces several complexities that require the expertise of a trusted partner.

Since announcing an alliance in 2021, Kyndryl and Google Cloud have found new ways to help customers accelerate innovation and achieve business success, all while remaining true to the alliance’s primary goal: to identify and develop solutions to customers’ challenges, while also supporting them to become more advanced, data driven and sustainable organizations.

“As technology evolves, so does our alliance with Google Cloud,” said Annemarie Dev, Vice President of Kyndryl’s Global Google Cloud Alliance. “We continue to meet customers where they are, and we are committed to helping them responsibly leverage technology to unlock new business value and drive innovation.”

Here are five ways Kyndryl and Google Cloud can help businesses thrive.

1. Adopt a data-first mindset

Kyndryl and Google Cloud are helping customers build a solid data foundation that can help them overcome their business challenges. The partnership enables customers to gain better business insights, drive innovation and develop new capabilities by maximizing the value of artificial intelligence through the cleaning, governing, accessing and aggregating of data. 


2. Embrace responsible leading-edge AI and generative AI solutions

Kyndryl’s deep understanding of mission-critical systems and institutional knowledge combined with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI technologies, creates a powerful way for enterprises to spur innovation. By applying its custom-built responsible AI frameworks — based on extensive experience with the world’s most complex systems — Kyndryl can support customers in governing these technologies, reducing risk, simplifying complexities and delivering impactful business outcomes.

3. Transform an experiment into a production solution 

Many businesses are stuck in a cycle of experimenting with generative AI without realizing its production impact — especially in complex data environments. Kyndryl collaborates with customers through discovery sessions to understand their business priorities and aspirations and identify how and where generative AI can be applied. From there, Kyndryl and Google Cloud co-create with customers to deploy production-ready, responsible generative AI solutions that can support the identified business needs.  

Kyndryl and Google Cloud are already working with customers across several industries to implement generative AI. The collaboration has supported a Singapore-based smart warehouse services provider in adopting generative AI to improve customer service response times. In another example, the partnership has helped a manufacturing company in Mexico use the Google Cloud Cortex framework to derive value from its enterprise resource planning (ERP) data on Google Cloud to inform business decisions.


4. Modernize infrastructure and applications 

To help customers keep pace with their business growth objectives, Kyndryl is assisting them on their cloud adoption journey by continuously transforming and modernizing their infrastructure and applications onto Google Cloud and beyond. This is specifically relevant for customers in the banking and financial services industry that are required to adhere to strict compliance and regulatory guidelines. Two examples include a secure payment transfer solution via SWFT and an anti-money laundering solution, which provide the necessary measures to ensure customer data integrity and privacy. 

5. Provide full lifecycle services

Kyndryl’s end-to-end services and customer centric approach have supported the delivery of successful customer solutions that drive business impact. This, coupled with its role as a trusted advisor, led Google Cloud to recognize Kyndryl’s commitment to customer success as a Google 2024 Partner of the Year in three categories: Breakthrough (Latin America), Services (Colombia) and Specialization (Infrastructure).

Through its partnership with Google Cloud, Kyndryl has also accelerated the delivery of Kyndryl Bridge, an open integration platform that leverages its core strengths to provide customers with data-driven and actionable insights across their IT estate. Through these services, customers can better manage cloud costs, achieve sustainability goals and scale innovation. For example, Kyndryl Bridge is integrated with Google Cloud, so it can collect financial data and provide customers with FinOps services and actionable insights.

To learn more about how the Kyndryl and Google Cloud alliance helps businesses accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, visit Kyndryl’s booth at Google Cloud Next 2024.