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New ways of working: Why collaboration is the new competition

Podcast 4 oct. 2023

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Episode notes

For most companies today, competitive differentiation depends on enabling a culture of continuous modernization and digital transformation. The technology projects that support these crucial business initiatives require the cooperation of multiple, best-in-class technology partners to succeed.

But often, the key technology players are also market competitors. How do you foster deep collaboration between partners and your internal IT teams while minimizing the inclination for individuals to hold back the best ideas to ”safeguard” IP? And how can you encourage a true collegial spirit of co-creation among blended teams to optimize business outcomes – especially in highly regulated industries?

Listen in as experts from Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft and Kyndryl discuss the value of co-creation and best practices for turning competitors into exceptional collaborators.

Featured experts

  • Sarah Lucas, Head of Architecture and Product, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Rebecca Egerton, Azure Lead – Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft

What you will hear

"When we hit a problem, let's get around it as a team. We win or lose together, and then work out how we're going to fix that. And I think at the start, people were a little bit reserved, maybe not quite leaning in… If you came into one of our project meetings now, you wouldn't know from the conversation who worked for which vendor, and I think that's the real sign of being successful."
– Sarah

"…it's not always the cleverest person in the room to bring the better solutions. It's having that mindset to say, "What do we need to change? How are we going to change it? And let's look at all of the different avenues that are available to us to make that change." And … it's that mindset and approach over the technologies that we're choosing that make these things successful."
– Sarah

"…when we started this project together, this wasn't “Microsoft is the full end-to-end answer.” This was about how do we change the narrative in the bank? And how do we do something different? And that comes from really listening to the bank’s problems, to the where the bank wanted to go, what they needed to do. And it takes an army – making sure that we set the bank up for success – I think is the ultimate key to this."
– Rebecca