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Kyndryl Public Sector Grants Program

Kyndryl can help unlock funding from ARPA and IIJA to modernize your infrastructure

Working to rebuild and modernize our nation’s infrastructure and economy

Through its Public Sector Grants Program, Kyndryl will partner with state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to leverage funding from government sources, such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), to modernize and improve our national infrastructure.

Kyndryl has more than three decades of experience partnering with state, local, and other governments to modernize and manage their IT systems. We can help identify and secure state and federal funding to support your critical technology projects.

Kyndryl can help

We work with you to identify and secure government funding in the following areas:


ARPA and IIJA provide funding to create a foundation to meet modernization objectives across the electric grid, transportation, utilities, and other critical state and local services.

Kyndryl can help define your modernization strategy, create future state design, build a detailed plan and implement changes. We will partner with you to modernize applications, migrate workloads from any data center and technology to any cloud platform. We can provide data center engineering and modernization services, as well as a robust, security-rich, disaster resilient, fully-managed mainframe zCloud.

Partnering with Kyndryl will enable you to accelerate digital and business transformations, enhancing the services you provide to your community, while gaining flexibility and improving security and compliance postures.

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ARPA and IIJA include funding to enhance cybersecurity and enable state and local agencies to ensure their vital systems are secure, available, reliable, and recoverable – regardless of their size and complexity.

Kyndryl can help protect against and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks with an integrated cyber resilience program built on all-hazards risk assessment and awareness. Our program is based on our unique experience helping customers who have faced some of the world’s largest cyber events. It includes:

A cybersecurity strategy - We work with you to develop a cybersecurity strategy, architect and design a plan, and implement it.

A Cyber Resilience Maturity Assessment - We usually start with a Cyber Resilience Maturity Assessment which provides an in-depth review of your security and resilience posture and helps identify gaps.

Cyber Incident Recovery solutions - Help minimize disruption and data loss in the event of cyberattacks by enabling automated  response and recovery with single-pane-of-glass monitoring and real-time visibility into RTO/RPO status.

Continuous Compliance Management - Helps ensure compliance through consistent application of security policies, controls and  compliance standards by providing security process testing programs, audit support, compliance verification, and analytics.

Digital Identity Services - Aligns business and IT stakeholders behind a common vision for identity and access management. Services range from assessment to full management of role-based identification, authorization and access to IT resources.

Zero Trust Services - We help design, implement and operate zero-trust security architecture for effective protection of infrastructure and data against insider and external threats.

Partnering with Kyndryl will enable you to ensure effective protection of vital systems across public infrastructure, utilities and facilities; minimize disruption and data loss in the event of cyber attacks; and ensure the highest service availability with instant failover at the push of a button in the event of site disasters.

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Digital equity through broadband and advanced telecom capabilities

ARPA and IIJA require digital inclusion to ensure all U.S. individuals have access to reliable fixed and wireless broadband internet service to connect to applications and content that enable self-sufficiency, participation and collaboration.

We can work with you to create a broadband strategy, design the solution, create a detailed plan, and implement it. Our services include:

Network Assessment  Services – Develop network architecture and solutions to optimize cost savings.

Digital enablement - Kyndryl can configure, distribute, and manage internet-enabled devices on behalf of schools and community anchor institutions to support their initiatives to eliminate “digital divide.”

Device management - Kyndryl can provide end-to-end management including security and compliance of these internet-connected devices. In addition, it can provide complete visibility to monitor, troubleshoot, and update.

5G – Kyndryl enables you to prepare for the next wave of cloud with 5G-enabled edge and software-defined networking technologies such as SDN and SD-WAN. Our solution includes 5G Private LTE Powered by Nokia Citizen Broadband Radio Service (1 to 3 Mile radius) – Wifi6 and mobile.

Campus Networking - Design and build small and large community locations to support wired and wireless infrastructure (Wifi, WAP, Wired Access).

Partnering with Kyndryl will enable you to deploy broadband networks critical for our nation's economic prosperity. From design, planning, and deployment, we can help you provide constituents with an advanced telecommunications and information infrastructure that provides important strategic advantages in the global information economy.

Broadband and advanced telecom capabilities for utilities

ARPA and IIJA include provisions for digital networking to connect smarter manufacturing, utilities, transportation and the supply chain to gain efficiencies, promote resilient operations, reduce carbon footprint and improve energy usage.

Kyndryl will work with you to create strategies to bring AI, IOT, and network to various utilities’ use cases, design the solution, create a detailed plan, and implement it. Our services include:

Network Assessment Service - Develop the network architecture and solutions that optimize cost savings.

Campus Networking - Design and build utility stations/locations to support wired and wireless infrastructure (Wifi, WAP, Wired Access).

5G Private LTE - Powered by Nokia Citizen Broadband Radio Service (1 to 3 Mile radius) – Wifi6 and mobile.

Edge Computing - Full-stack edge infrastructure integration solving concurrently the problems of edge facility, high density wireless  connectivity (Wi-Fi6  or 4G/5G), smart device connectivity and data acquisition.

Remote Location Internet Enablement - Managed internet enablement for remote weather stations or state employees.

Partnering with Kyndryl will enable utilities to ensure basic service needs are met, protect against emerging threats, and promote sustainable solutions for energy and communications.

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ARPA and IIJA provide an opportunity to create a completely integrated value chain with data, analytics, and AI for agency insights.

Agencies are struggling to effectively manage data to gain actionable insights. Kyndryl can help strategize, architect, design, and implement solutions for Data Integration, Data Management, Analytics, Reporting, and AI. Our Data Driven Intelligence Framework – DDI offers end-to-end capabilities:

Data Integration – Integration of disparate and real-time data sources, on-prem and on cloud

Data Management – Ensuring  quality of data and reliability of decision making

Analytics and Reporting – Enabling rapid reporting and analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Actionable insights for smarter, better decision making

Kyndryl can also conduct a Data Assessment of the organization, and deliver a roadmap for data transformation to achieve key outcomes.

With data driven intelligence, governments and agencies will be equipped to provide better services and improve the lives of their citizens.

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Project Management Office (PMO)
Kyndryl can help create project management offices to increase transparency and accountability, boost productivity, reduce project delays and cost overruns and ensure effective deployment of funds.

PMO for Grant Management
Kyndryl will create a digital-first approach to application intake through ongoing services that provide a true end-to-end lifecycle management of grant programs and expenditures including:

  • Grant application and award
  • Creation and award of sub-grants
  • Flow-down management
  • Funds distribution and tracking
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting
  • Flow of information across all levels from federal, through state, to local
  • Spend analysis and planning
  • Setup grant programs, create workflows, create dashboards/reports, build integrations between federal, state, and local systems.

PMO for Project Management
The office will enable you to create and drive strategic objectives across your organization by aligning work around the right outcomes. End to end management of programs and expenditures:

  • Manage work breakdown structure
  • Track progress and status of programs, projects, milestones, Resource management.
  • Financial performance
  • Risks and issues
  • Setup project plans, create work breakdown structure, create dashboards/reports, built integrations across responsible parties.

PMO for Broadband staffed with consultants to:

  • Create a grant management solution to track all broadband funds allocated, spent, etc.
  • Provide a communication vehicle in which state/city/county governments and teleco vendors could access
  • Provide ongoing status of all inventory, parts, etc. deployed by county/city
  • Provide state/city/county governments with technical subject matter experts that would provide an overall assessment as to the viability and potential success and risks to planned deployment

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Kyndryl in the public sector

State modernizes IT to improve critical services

Kyndryl partnered with this state to transform their critical systems and provide better experiences for their citizens.

Transit system strengthens their cyber defenses

Kyndryl helped a state transportation agency revamp their cybersecurity strategy following a ransomware attack.

Public school system enables digital equity for students

A public school system collaborated with Kyndryl to provide students equal opportunities for digital learning.

Kyndryl expert spotlight

Rajesh Jaluka

Chief Technology Officer, Kyndryl US Public and Federal

"The federal government awards billions of dollars to state and local governments to finance a broad range of services, including healthcare, education, infrastructure, and public safety. By partnering with government CIOs and aligning with NASCIO’s top 2022 priorities, Kyndryl has identified top solution areas for IIJA, ARPA, and other grants to deliver the best value to our customers."


American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)

Provides funding to

  • Implement critical IT projects that directly enable work, education, and health monitoring, including remote options, in response to the public health emergency.
  • Build reliable, affordable broadband infrastructure and other digital connectivity technology projects, including cybersecurity and modernization. 

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)

Focuses on making investments to

  • Improve digital resilience, broadband equity, sustainability, and transportation.
  • Strengthen the cybersecurity of state and local government information systems, enhance the security of the nation’s electric grid and strengthen the cyber defenses of municipal utilities—particularly in rural areas.

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