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Cloud Services

Harish Grama, Kyndryl Global Practice Leader for Cloud Services, shares his perspective on the challenges and opportunities of cloud for the enterprise


Co-create the right cloud solutions to drive digital transformation where and when you need them

Kyndryl Cloud Services are designed around our customers and delivered on the platform that best meets their needs. Whether you are looking to fix issues, develop a strategy, utilize managed services, or further modernize and secure your applications and infrastructure, Kyndryl is the end-to-end services provider that can help.

90% of interviewees rated Kyndryl far higher than our competition on our ability to partner to create new approaches, deliver what we promise with proven and reliable services, and help modernize processes and operations.

Read this 451 Research report to learn how to deliver greater value to your business by managing hybrid multicloud complexity

Cloud Consulting


Streamlining your cloud transformation journey  

Our decades of experience and expertise pair with industry-recognized cloud adoption frameworks to envision and execute a unified cloud architecture essential for achieving desired business results.    


Private Cloud Services


Security of on-prem with the efficiency of cloud  

Delivering a cloud experience with dedicated on-prem resources in a fully managed model that works in tandem with public cloud workloads for a unified, consistent approach across the cloud landscape.


Public Cloud Services


What's the right platform for your multicloud needs? 

Our proven, standardized and repeatable services are designed to help you design and deploy on the right platform for your applications and workloads with security and ease of management in mind.  


Managed Cloud Services

IT needs to streamline management to simplify operations and alleviate mundane tasks. This is especially important in hybrid IT or multi-cloud environments as multiple skillsets are required to manage these complex and diverse environments. Many organizations do not have these skills in-house and are looking for a provider to bridge that skills gap with proven technologies and innovative solutions. From managed storage all the way through to entire data centers, Kyndryl is the world’s leading Managed Service provider with expertise across on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud environments.

Security and resiliency


Securing the cloud / mitigating operational risks

A secure and resilient IT platform can help enterprises unlock and accelerate the actual value of cloud and digital technology. Kyndryl Security and Resiliency provides the expertise, services, and technologies that help enterprises keep their vital systems secure, available, reliable, and recoverable – regardless of their size and complexity. Our integrated approach helps you mitigate comprehensive security and operational resilience risks for heterogeneous infrastructures, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments while supporting evolving compliance and audit needs.


Reduce risk

Reduce risk of failure with proven processes and methodologies


Cloud governance, compliance, and visibility across your IT environment with a digital self-service model


Intelligent monitoring and preemptive management of hybrid multi-cloud environment

Customer stories


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