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Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Services

Modernize to elevate customer, workforce, and partner experiences by providing seamless DMV solutions accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device

Modernize and optimize the DMV experience

As DMVs strive for enhanced customer experiences, they need industry leaders to help them with the process. Kyndryl has more than two decades of experience partnering with states to design, deliver, and manage innovative DMV services. 

Building on longstanding alliances that allow agencies to have best of breed in every area of an integrated solution, Kyndryl’s DMV Services drive transformation from field office to back office delivering an enhanced digital, self-service experience for citizens.

Kyndryl DMV solutions

Kyndryl offers services to help you make the most of your DMV office and maximize customer satisfaction.

Modernize your DMV system and driver services

Kyndryl’s DMV solutions help transform your existing DMV system and driver services with the following benefits:

  • Modernize your driver system of record to help provide an improved customer and workforce experience.
  • Increase your online driver applications, allowing more customer to complete their applications online.
  • Leverage a driver services web portal and provide a more customer-centric experience that allows your customers to complete more driver services online.
  • Leverage identity and access management tools to enhance authentication security for new and existing services.
Improve your DMV vehicle system and service

Kyndryl offers several ways to help you improve your DMV vehicle system and services:

  • Modernize your vehicle system of record and create an improved overall customer and workforce experience that delivers vehicle services with increased security, availability, and agility. 
  • Create a user-friendly vehicle services web portal that allows your customers to complete more vehicle services online.
Transform your DMV Field Office Services

Managed Cash Services helps transform your cash management processes and provides an improved overall experience. Kyndryl is innovating field offices with a managed cash service that leverages cash kiosks instead of cash drawers and provides customers with a streamlined, quick transaction process that doesn’t involve them opening their wallets. 

Quickly respond to customers with best-in-class service and technology

Kyndryl’s DMV back office enablement services help transform your customer experience in the following ways:

  • Kyndryl's DMV Call Center provides customers with a self-service option that offers best-in-class service and technology.
  • A fit-for-purpose DMV deployment of ServiceNow helps you to migrate services from your existing IT service management (ITSM) systems.
  • Kyndryl and SecureOne's Renew By Mail service helps your DMV workforce focus on your customers by leveraging automation and issue tracking through integration to your ITSM platform.
  • Kyndryl helps you modernize your fuel tax reporting system, leveraging a built for purpose application that allows you to collect fuel tax reports in an automated fashion.
Launch a new set of capabilities for your DMV

Kyndryl’s Business Partner services help you launch a whole new set of capabilities for your DMV and help your customers with completing DMV transactions online efficiently and securely:

  • The Dealer Suite leverages applications for all dealer types, including new, used, consignment and wholesalers.
  • The Financial Institution Suite offers applications to deploy a whole suite of services for all vehicle purchases that help improve the integration, accuracy, and efficiency of DMV interactions with financial institutions.
Kyndryl expert spotlight

Brian Shell

Senior Partner, DMV Solutions

"State and local government agencies in the US are focused on continuously improving citizen services. Enhancing digital access and physical experiences for both citizens and employees by meeting people where they are is central to building on the promise of a better government. My passion is co-creating with my customers on the vision for safer, faster, and frictionless citizen and government engagement."

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