Pam Hacker shares how storytelling — and intentionality — can power positive change

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, helps many companies drive positive change and create healthy workplace cultures.

It’s little wonder organizations across the globe are embracing their role as responsible corporate citizens. Many of them continue to see the benefits of developing robust CSR programs and policies that help contribute to the betterment of the world and their employees.

For its part, Kyndryl is committed to driving progress in three community engagement areas: future forward education, inclusive economy and climate action. 

Here, Pam Hacker, Kyndryl’s new Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, talks about the importance of CSR initiatives on a global and local level.  

CSR can encompass many things. What are Kyndryl’s CSR focus areas?

Hacker: Our global CSR strategy is built on how we show up and make an impact in the 60 countries where we operate — and how our employees are driving progress in the communities where they live and work. Having such a massive global footprint means we have a huge opportunity to usher in positive change. A large part of my role is to ensure that Kyndryl’s social impact is not only connected throughout all countries but also connects back to our three social impact areas of future forward education, which supports equitable access to student-centered and technology-enabled education; inclusive economy, which focuses on investing in bold ideas that build a representative economy in which all individuals and communities participate in and benefit; and climate action, our commitment to mitigating the impacts of climate change.


Cyber Rakshak is part of Kyndryl’s commitment to invest in community-focused programs that support equitable access to technology-enabled education and economic inclusion.
What are Kyndryl's near-term CSR goals?

Hacker: Kyndryl recently established a foundation that focuses on cybersecurity education and providing upskilling opportunities in underserved communities. I’m very excited about the Kyndryl Foundation, and there’s so much incredible work that’s been done already to get us here. We’re putting a lot of emphasis on the Request for Proposals coming in, and we plan to announce the grant recipients early next year. As we continue to grow the foundation, we want to develop those partnerships to see how we can make a difference in a much bigger way.

In addition, there are so many underserved communities where we are providing opportunities, access and upskilling to help train and develop individuals. For example, as part of Kyndryl’s Cyber Rakshak program, we've trained over 20,000 rural women in India on cybersecurity. Our goal is to empower more than 100,000 women in a span of three years. It’s important for us to share and celebrate these inspiring stories to drive impact and investment.

Speaking of storytelling, you previously worked in entertainment. What CSR best-practices translate well to the IT industry?

Hacker: Coming from the entertainment and media industry, I'm a storyteller at heart. I believe it’s important for us to tell stories about how Kyndryl, through its employees and partners, is impacting lives around the world.

In doing so, we’re able to better see and share the impact we’re making globally and locally. Your people are your voice. It’s about utilizing the power of your people and technology to deliver and be the megaphone for your messages. Kyndryl has over 80,000 employees, and I love that the company encourages Kyndryls to power communities and make a positive impact in those communities.

Kyndryl has made significant progress in just two years as an independent company. What factors helped drive that success?

Hacker: It's important that we look at the work that's happening on the ground in all the countries where we operate and ensure that it clearly aligns back to our three pillars of focus. Our first Corporate Citizenship Report is a great indicator of how we’re working toward our goals while also ensuring transparency. It’s important that although we have a presence in so many places across the world, at every level of the company we are all working toward the same mission and understand that we are part of a larger family.

What is the secret to getting more employees involved in local CSR initiatives?

Hacker: People want to work for a company that cares about giving back to the communities where they work, and Kyndryl has done an outstanding job of making sure volunteerism is embedded in its culture and DNA. Last year, our employees logged more than 17,000 volunteer hours and organized over 170 volunteering events. And we hope to increase those numbers next year.

Also, embracing and promoting a service-led culture is important to leaders at every level. Our country leaders are advocates for showing up and being good citizens in our local communities. The company offers time and incentives for employees to volunteer for the organizations they care about within their communities. It's a priority for us, as part of our culture, that Kyndryls all around the world take action and volunteer.

Kyndryl employees logged more than 17,000 volunteer hours and organized over 170 volunteering events.
Pam Hacker

VP, Corporate Social Responsibility at Kyndryl