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Security and Resiliency

An integrated cyber resilience approach that enables you to anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse cyber events

Embrace a ‘cyber resilience by design’ approach to secure your digital business

The recent pandemic has reinforced the concept of cyber resilience like never before. With a constant shift to a hybrid work model, IT networks facing frequent malware attacks and the threat landscape becoming more sophisticated, the need to enable a secure and resilient business is fast becoming a board-level mandate. Not only protect businesses from cyberthreats, organizations must also ensure business continuity and recovery in the face of any disruptions.

Security and Resiliency Services from Kyndryl helps you embed cyber resilience into your broader IT and operational strategy. Enable your organization to become cyber resilient by design by leveraging a diverse portfolio of solutions that can help you to:

Anticipate - Achieve and maintain compliance through consistent application of security policies and controls, process testing, audit support, compliance verification, and analytics with Security Assurance Services

Protect – Protect identities, networks, applications, endpoints, and data against internal and external threats across your digital initiatives with Zero Trust Services 

Withstand - Detect, triage, investigate and respond to advanced threats with Security Operations and Response Services 

Recover - Minimize the business impact of unplanned outages with fast, reliable, and scalable recovery across hybrid multi-cloud environments with Incident Recovery Services

Kyndryl is named a Leader in the Avasant Cybersecurity Services 2022 RadarView report
Security Assurance Services

Assess and benchmark resilience maturity, gain visibility into significant threats and vulnerabilities as well as manage compliance with Security Assurance Services. Quantify your business risk and operationalize actionable threat intelligence to mitigate security risks faster.

Zero Trust Services

Protect business-critical data and applications in a security-rich infrastructure with a zero trust framework. Keep both malicious insider threats and advanced outsider attacks at bay by removing access from users, applications, and infrastructure due to implicit trust and validate only through strict access authentication.

Security Operations and Response Services

Bring your people, process and technology together to detect, investigate and respond to advanced persistent cyberthreats before they cause damage to your business operations and improve efficiency of your security operations team by empowering them with AI-powered capabilities.

Incident Recovery Services

Mitigate impacts of a cyber disruption with rapid, simplified, and reliable recovery of your critical business processes and data across hybrid multi-cloud environments—and restore normal business operations—within minutes following an incident.

Global presence

We have 7,500+ skilled practitioners deployed around the world to support geographically distributed environments and local or regional regulatory requirements.

Disaster recovery orchestration

Accelerate time to value and reliable recovery using intelligent automation and orchestration with 900+ recovery automation patterns.

Vendor agnostic approach

Engage with the broadest array of solutions and technologies and reuse existing investments while supporting the new.

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