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Zero Trust Services

Secure digital infrastructure and transactions with a zero trust architecture

Protect critical business data and applications in a security-rich infrastructure with zero trust security

The cybersecurity threat landscape has significantly expanded over the years in terms of sophistication, outdoing current cyber defenses. Furthermore, complexity due to rapid digitalization, growing demand of a distributed workforce, and failure to keep up with the stringent regulatory mandates are contributing to the increase in attack surface.

Organizations still using traditional security controls and legacy trust are easily targeted by threat actors and malicious insiders, leading to data loss, financial damage and reputational harm. As a result, more security leaders are realizing the need to accelerate the adoption of zero trust architecture.

Kyndryl’s Zero Trust Services help design, implement, and operate the right zero trust network for effective protection of your enterprise identities, infrastructure, and data against internal and external threats across your hybrid IT environment, while effectively managing and enforcing security governance policies and compliance mandates.  

Multi-disciplinary approach

Apply zero trust principles by leveraging multi-disciplinary security expertise to secure and accelerate business outcomes.

Consultative methods and solutions

Get expert assistance and recommendations to mature zero trust capabilities to achieve operational excellence.

Integration with existing investments

Align zero trust strategy with existing security frameworks for faster time to value and improved ROI.

Identity and Access Management

Mitigate risks due to implicit trust. Put zero trust security at the heart of your security and cyber resilience strategy by giving users and customers the rightful access to business-critical systems and data across your organization with Digital Identity Services. Apply role based authorization and risk based authentication aligned to business need. Enable risk-based authentication (RBA) to help prevent fraud by dynamically applying appropriate controls tailored to the risk.

Endpoint Security

Enable securing endpoints or entry points of end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from being exploited by malicious actors and campaigns. Secure endpoints on a network or in the cloud. Our endpoint security services help you perform regular checkups, shed light into potential security gaps and blind spots and apply patches on time.

Network Security

Validate assumptions of trust when users, applications and devices connect to the corporate network. Enable protection of your mission-critical network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, or theft with Kyndryl’s network security services. Get preemptive protection from known and emerging security threats in the network layer of the technology stack, while reducing exposure to advanced malware.

Application and Workload Security

Protect mission-critical applications and workloads in the cloud while staying compliant with ever-changing security-related regulatory demands, laws, and company standards. Ensure visibility into all cloud programs, apps, files, data, and users, maintain continuous compliance, and get consistent view and control of physical machines, VMs, containers and serverless irrespective of their location.

Data Protection

Drive data and application protection in a security-rich infrastructure and meet regulatory requirements while maintaining costs. Identify and prevent malicious activities to minimize disruptions of business operations across your environments.

Analytics, Automation and Orchestration

Analyze, orchestrate and automate response to insider threats, advanced threats, and hidden risks across your hybrid, multicloud environments and containerized workloads by enabling intelligent threat management. Enhance threat intelligence by integrating malware analysis to proactively protect against breaches and  enable faster, more accurate response.

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