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Kyndryl Gender Pay Gap (UK)


At Kyndryl, we embed Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (ID&E) in every aspect of our business, creating a diverse workforce and inclusive, equitable culture. This culture helps deliver exceptional customer service and advance the vital systems that power human progress. 

We pride ourselves on being empathetic and devoted global citizens who strive to make the world better and more inclusive for our employees, customers and communities. This is reinforced by our strategic priorities.

Our priorities aim to: 

  • Drive a culture where Kyndryls feel a sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Attract, develop and retain diverse talent across all levels and geographies
  • Embed our ID&E priorities in every part of our business
  • Cultivate opportunity and promote equity in underserved communities

Our KINs are company sponsored, employee led resource groups that are organised around a shared identity.  These are open to all Kyndryls to join and participate. They work together to create an engaging and inclusive experience for members and continue the advancement of their respected communities. Our KINs present in the UK & Ireland (UK&I) are as follows:

  • Race and Ethnicity KIN
  • True Ability KIN
  • Wellbeing KIN
  • Women’s KIN 

Executive sponsors champion and support the work of the KIN leaders to co-create a safe space for supporting each other. This environment empowers everyone to bring their whole selves to work, individually and collectively, and to support the activation of our culture, which is called The Kyndryl Way.

Specifically, our UK&I Women’s KIN is proactively driving key initiatives across four core workstreams. These are: 

  • Networking and Recognition
  • Careers and Promotions
  • Mentoring and Sponsorship
  • Return to Work

These workstreams are focused on improving the employment experience of all Kyndryls (male and female) and help enable Kyndryl to be an employer of choice. Drivers include development and retention of all talent, as well as those with a specific impact on the female population. 

The Gender Pay Gap (UK)

With the goal of promoting greater gender diversity, the UK Government requires all employers with 250 or more employees to disclose their gender pay gap on an annual basis.

What is Gender Pay?

Gender Pay is not the same as Equal Pay. The Gender Pay Gap shows the mean and median earnings of men and women, using aggregated data for all jobs at all levels.  It is not an indication of pay inequality as the men and women may be in different jobs.

The Equal Pay Gap compares the pay of women and men carrying out the same or similar work, or work of equal value, considering level and job type. 

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