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Mitigate risks and alleviate the impact of cyber incidents

Cyber Incident Recovery 15 sept. 2023

With cyber threats on the rise, resilience is more important than ever.

Addressing data loss and corruption in the wake of a breach means increasingly high costs for today’s enterprises.

Disruptive events like ransomware continually elevate the risk of data loss and service outages. And with IT complexity on the rise and skilled IT security professionals in short supply, the cost of data and application protection and business continuity is growing, as is the threat landscape.


As a result, many organizations are left grappling with highly manual response and recovery plans. This limited visibility into application and data environments prevents timely detection and response.

54 %

Of organizations have experienced an increase in cyberattacks in the past 12 months*

1 in 4

Organizations are ready to adequately prevent and respond to a disruptive event*

$4.45 M

Average cost of a security breach in 2023**
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With IT complexity on the rise and skilled IT security professionals in short supply, the cost of data and application protection and business continuity is growing, as is the threat landscape.

What does it mean to be a truly resilient organization?

To safeguard digital assets and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, it’s vital to stay ahead of emerging threats, adopt advanced technologies, and build a resilient security posture.


Proactive threat intelligence

Establish robust threat intelligence capabilities to identify and anticipate cyber threats.


Risk-based approach

Focus on protecting critical assets and data while conducting risk assessments, implementing appropriate controls, and continuously evaluating the effectiveness of security measures.


Zero-trust architecture

Implement zero-trust principles that assume no user or device should be inherently trusted.


Privacy and data protection

Protect sensitive information and support compliance with relevant laws to safeguard personal data and uphold customer trust.


Response and recovery

Minimize the business impact of cyber disruption and automatically recover critical business processes and data across the entire IT infrastructure.

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Meet threats head-on with reliable, on-demand expertise

We’ll work with you to minimize the business impact of cyber-related disruption while helping you automatically recover critical business processes and data across your entire IT infrastructure.


  • Up to 93% reduction in unplanned downtime*
  • Recover from a cyberattack in hours instead of days
  • Mitigate risk while improving visibility and control

Our integrated cyber resilience framework is designed around a holistic view of security, disaster recovery, and business continuity to support you through any of the adverse conditions, stresses, and inevitable compromises of cyber-enabled business.

Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery

Reduce the business impact of a cyberattack and recover quickly with an orchestrated resilience approach.

Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery with Dell Technologies

Enhance existing backup and disaster recovery solutions while minimizing the impact of cyberattacks.

Kyndryl Cyber Incident Recovery with Microsoft Azure

Safeguard business data in a security-rich environment on public cloud with centralized visibility and control across data sources.

Cyber Resilience Maturity Assessment

Evaluate your cyber readiness, identify gaps, and build a roadmap for continuous improvement.

Recovery Retainer Services

Get 24/7 phone support and assistance from onsite experts for emergency incident recovery in the face of cyber disruption.

Cybersecurity Incident Response and Forensics Services

Access on-demand, hands-on support for threat detection and incident response during a cyber incident to help minimize impact.








Ready to measure your cyber readiness and build a custom roadmap for cyber risk management?

Our remotely facilitated, one-day cyber resilience assessment workshop can help determine your level of preparedness to respond to and recover from a cyber-related event, with insight into anything holding you back and a customized plan for improvement.


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See how Kyndryl can help you minimize the business impact of a cyberattack with an orchestrated resilience approach.

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