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Helping providers deliver improved patient care, experiences and outcomes

Overcome the key challenges of healthcare IT

Explore the 5 key challenges that healthcare IT organizations are facing today.

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Integrating and modernizing technology so you can focus on patients, caregivers and community

In a world of changing regulations, escalating security threats, and growing expectations from patients and clinicians, healthcare providers must innovate to transform care delivery models and provide better experiences.

With decades of experience partnering with healthcare providers and a broad network of partners, Kyndryl can seamlessly integrate and enhance your technology to ensure the success of your digital transformation. Our customized services enable you to accelerate your pace of innovation, optimize workflows to gain efficiencies, decrease costs, and elevate patient experiences.

Enhance patient and provider experiences with continuous innovation

Learn about elastic EHR, the agility of a digital mindset and how cloud technology can enable innovation.

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Kyndryl is partnering with healthcare providers to achieve key business outcomes

Improve patient and clinician experiences

Protect patient data and security

Create an integrated care ecosystem

Improve patient and clinician experiences

Drive modernization to optimize clinician resources and give patients cost-effective access to hybrid care models.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Modernize infrastructure and core applications to support hybrid care models that offer secure, seamless clinician and patient-centric experiences
  • Design an end-to-end cloud strategy to support your organization’s unique goals, including the integration of data and applications from acquisition and divestiture activity
  • Migrate and optimize disparate workloads, such as electronic health records, to the cloud to improve access and flexibility


Customer use case

Customer challenge
A healthcare network struggled with outages that lasted several hours. They needed a solution to run mission-critical apps in a scalable, easily accessible, high-performance environment to increase their resilience and provide continuous operations for patient care.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl designed a first-of-a-kind architecture using three data centers in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to build out a solution that has a high-availability architecture and a separate geographic disaster recovery (DR) site. We migrated data from their old server onto OCI, provided managed services through the application layer, bundled in PeopleSoft licenses and committed professional services to assist with application upgrades.


Outcomes achieved

  • Improved availability and performance of mission-critical applications to ensure uninterrupted patient care
  • Created a better, simpler clinician experience
  • Enabled $1.5 million in total cost of ownership savings
  • Increased scalability for new projects and variable workloads

Protect patient data and privacy

Protect patient health data and ensure continuity of critical functions by embedding security and resiliency capabilities across the entire ecosystem.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Analyze the organization’s unique risks and assess existing cybersecurity maturity
  • Create an actionable roadmap to address security gaps and strengthen resiliency capabilities
  • Modernize infrastructure to support nimble systems with a modern approach to workflows, data and security
  • Build an orchestrated resilience approach to mitigate cyber attack disruptions
  • Leverage automation to strengthen data security against ransomware attempts and enable regulatory compliance


Customer use case


Customer challenge
A rapidly growing healthcare insurance provider with more than 1500 applications, 19 lines of business, and 60PB of siloed and unreliably documented data needed to address security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could put them at financial and compliance risk in the event of a disaster or cyber incident.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl implemented a tool-based Application Interdependency Mapping to create an end-to-end view of the customer’s data. Once an understanding of the data flow was reached, Kyndryl then developed an orchestrated resilience plan to design, enhance and validate their DR procedures and recovery program management.


Outcomes achieved
Kyndryl helped the provider develop a five-year Recovery Management Plan to integrate all critical workloads to the cloud. Through consolidation of disparate and siloed LOBs and improved test planning, gateway application recovery was reduced by 60% across distributed and mainframe environments.

Create an integrated care ecosystem

Deliver personalized patient care across an integrated in-person and virtual ecosystem to improve accessibility, transparency and outcomes.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Establish interoperability of systems that enable the sharing of patient information to deliver a full, longitudinal health story, while adhering to industry protocols (including HL7 and FHIR standards)
  • Develop governance models to facilitate compliant information exchange across all users, including patients
  • Unlock the value of diverse healthcare data with machine learning models that can improve patient care, from electronic medical records, imaging systems, and more
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Trent Sanders

Vice President, Healthcare U.S.


“Our mission is to continuously improve the patient and caregiver experience. Together with our core ecosystem of partners, we provide the essential services our customers need to accelerate their business and digital transformations."


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