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Helping insurers modernize and transform for the future

Insurance simplified, modernized, and optimized

As their industry undergoes rapid digital transformation, insurers face increasing pressure to reduce costs, simplify and streamline operations, and incorporate new technology.

Kyndryl helps insurers transform their IT estate and improve the bottom line by reducing operational complexity, optimizing critical business processes with data and technology, and enabling top talent on flexible, secure and resilient infrastructures. With decades of technical expertise and an unrivaled commitment to progress, we build the foundations that enable you to accelerate innovation at scale and prepare for the future.

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Kyndryl partners with insurers to achieve key business outcomes

Ensure trust, security and resiliency

Provide data-driven digital experiences

Modernize for efficiency and flexibility

Access the right IT talent at the right time

Customer use case

Customer Challenge
A large insurer experienced a challenge with resiliency while undergoing a data center outage. They could not move their systems to their out of region data center without knowing if they would lose data. When the insurer got the data center back online, they had a backlog of tens of thousands of insurance claims. The organization wanted to collaborate on redesigning their technology estate for faster recovery and a better customer experience.


How Kyndryl helped
The insurer realized that their recovery envelope was no longer appropriate and also wanted to address other rising cyber threats. Kyndryl Consult was brought in to redesign their posture from the ground up. The root causes of the data center outage were determined using a Business Impact Assessment, Application Grouping Assessment, and a Dependency Analysis. These assessments helped define orchestration requirements and identify critical tools that are essential to their recovery plan.


Outcomes achieved

  • Improved security posture and resiliency across the company to prevent backlogs and ensure timely customer service
  • APIs and DevOps automation were introduced to address the startup runbook time and decrease human dependencies
  • Two failover platforms for critical daily operations, both customer facing and internal, were implemented in the primary data center, as well as a backup site to prevent future downtime

Provide data-driven digital experiences

Leverage predictive analytics and automation to identify potential markets, reveal behavior patterns, and personalize customer experiences.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Build a robust data fabric reference architecture that provides enterprise-wide access to build new and exciting tools and capabilities
  • Leverage predictive analytics that yield intelligent insights to personalize products and services, and improve customer experiences
  • Implement AI-infused operations that optimize efficiency and cost savings which can then be passed on to other areas of the business
  • Create agile, integrated, flexible solutions for complex data management problems that accelerate speed to market for new products across hybrid multi-cloud environments

Modernize for efficiency and flexibility on any cloud

Streamline and modernize your IT estate with new approaches and technologies to boost profitability, increase resiliency and lower costs.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Form a flexible foundation to modernize and continuously optimize platforms and models based on enterprise frameworks
  • Build fit-for-purpose platforms to increase the efficiency of application teams while reducing toil, cost and time to market
  • Lower operational costs and increase reliability with end-to-end automation that transforms IT organizations from a core delivery and support capability to a true digital-native business partner
  • Integrate seamlessly across public, private and multi-cloud, and across ecosystem value chains
  • Use intelligent monitoring and preemptive management of hybrid multi-cloud environments to remain proactive and up to date across systems
Customer use case

Customer Challenge
A U.S. insurance provider was in the process of moving their operations to cloud to increase speed and agility. They had moved a handful of applications with the support of ecosystem partners, but needed help moving mission-critical applications, like Guidewire, which presented data privacy and security challenges. The insurer needed to find the right fit-for-purpose platform that could deliver the performance required to complete the move of data-heavy applications.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl led the infrastructure design and delivery of a private cloud solution on a managed Oracle RAC database with the custom configurations needed to support the insurer's robust Guidewire implementation. The fit-for-purpose cloud solution incorporated data security and processing capabilities with as-a-service subscription pricing that was unmatched by other cloud providers. As part of Kyndryl's continued management of the platform, they provided significant security and performance tuning to compliment the insurer's internal team.


Outcomes achieved

  • Increased agility enables insurer to bring new products and services to their customers faster
  • Automation provided in the cloud has improved security and performance, while lowering costs
  • Provides the highest level of reliability and resiliency to ensure continued availability for the Insurer's mission critical applications

Ensure trust, security and resiliency

Mitigate the business impact of unexpected events with fast, reliable, and scalable recovery across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Implement fast, reliable, and scalable recovery across hybrid multi-cloud environments that minimizes the business impact of unexpected events and cyber threats
  • Accelerate adoption of zero trust strategies and architectures with Kyndryl's industry patterns and accelerators
  • Deploy testing for hardware, networks, applications, devices (IoT), personnel and other systems and technologies to ensure effective protection of identities, infrastructure and data against internal and external threats
  • Ensure secure cloud governance, compliance and visibility across the IT environment with a digital self-service model
  • Provide 24/7 protection that continuously monitors, automates and enforces security policies and compliance mandates

Access the right IT talent at the right time

Tap into a wider talent pool to access individuals or teams with the specialized technology skills you need, when you need them.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Access technical expertise to supplement high functioning, agile teams with the right tools, skills, approaches, and expertise required to achieve IT and business objectives
  • Implement tools and analysis to measure and improve employee experiences across each IT touchpoint, such as procurement, devices, apps, management, and support
  • Fulfill staffing needs by providing resources either on-site or remotely to manage the mainframe environment
  • Provide data-driven analysis of current IT environments and recommendation for optimizing productivity and delivering a seamless digital workplace experience
Customer use case

Customer Challenge
An insurance provider needed to address gaps in their online collaboration environment that were causing significant communication issues. Because they are highly dependent on digital interactions, any disruption can have serious negative impacts on productivity and efficiency. The insurer needed to act fast, but was also looking for solutions to prevent these issues before they happen.


How Kyndryl helped
The Kyndryl Digital Workplace Services team provided a detailed analysis of the insurer's current platform and a plan to quickly address the software, network and new architectures needed to support their virtual work needs. Kyndryl and the insurer worked together to solve the immediate video conferencing challenge with minimal waste, knowing that the current tools would soon be replaced by a new collaboration suite. Through a readiness assessment, Kyndryl’s experts optimized investments in tools and systems that helped the insurer transition to the new platform.


Outcomes achieved

  • Minimized business disruption and continued serving customers during a high-demand period
  • Resolved their issues quickly and cost effectively
  • Identified critical issues to address as the insurer transitioned to new communication tools
  • Used this experience as a roadmap to improved business outcomes with increased efficiency
Kyndryl expert spotlight

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Chief Architect, U.S. Insurance Industry


“First understand your customer’s business problems, then help develop solutions to solve them.”

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