Learn how Kyndryl’s alliances with major cloud hyperscalers are benefiting customers across industries

Even as businesses navigate some economic uncertainty, cloud adoption is continuing to expand among public and private organizations in a bid to modernize operations and boost digital customer engagement.

In fact, global spending on public cloud services is expected to grow 21.7% to $597.3 billion in 2023, up from $491 billion in 2022, according to recent data from Gartner Inc. 

Experts say they expect a large percentage of business applications to run on public clouds operated by the cloud market share leaders Amazon, Microsoft and Google. That said, even mature cloud adopters still grapple with hefty costs, operational inefficiencies combined with a lack of automation, IT complexities and a shortage of critical skills.

All this points to an important reality: IT and business modernization — especially via the cloud — can make businesses competitive and agile only when done right. At Kyndryl, we’ve proactively forged premium partnerships with major hyperscalers to help our customers harvest all the benefits from the cloud.

Harish Grama

Global Cloud Practice Leader at Kyndryl

“All this points to an important reality: IT and business modernization — especially via the cloud — can make businesses competitive and agile only when done right,” said Harish Grama, Global Cloud Practice Leader at Kyndryl. “At Kyndryl, we’ve proactively forged premium partnerships with major hyperscalers to help our customers harvest all the benefits from the cloud.”

In just 20 months, Kyndryl has signed cloud contracts with more than 700 customers by establishing strategic global alliances with hyperscaler providers Microsoft, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). What’s more, Kyndryl also surpassed 35,000 hyperscaler certifications globally, further strengthening its cloud-related customers support competencies. 

Here, Kyndryl executives share how the company and leading hyperscalers are making a mark on four major industries.


"In the wake of the pandemic, the healthcare industry was strained by unprecedented volumes of patients — and their data,” said Grama. “Compounded with staff burnout and attrition, healthcare leaders found themselves heavily reliant on cloud technology and automation services overnight.”

Kyndryl announced this week it would leverage its alliance with AWS to migrate Care New England’s electronic medical records to the AWS cloud, with the goal of improving productivity and enabling more coordinated and efficient patient care. Similarly, MedStar Health tapped into Kyndryl’s cloud expertise and its partnership with Microsoft to migrate critical workloads, resulting in a more modern and resilient hybrid cloud infrastructure. In India, Kyndryl has been instrumental in managing the multiple cloud platforms that play a role in Dr Lal PathLabs’ digital transformation initiatives to drive business growth.


The banking and financial services industry has undergone a large shift, thanks to new technologies, fintech innovation, volatile markets and heightened cyber threats. And with more competition, financial institutions are spurred by the demand for increased agility, scale and speed. But their progress is often slowed by stringent regulations and security requirements. 


To that end, Legal & General, the UK’s leading financial services group and major global investor, recently extended its contract with Kyndryl to implement a Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud platform that will help the company reduce technical debt, simplify its IT architecture and accelerate its cloud transformation. 

Travel and Transportation

“No other industry is as challenged by delays and demands as transportation,” said Grama. “Whether it is aviation, automotive or shipping, providing customers with a highly personalized and memorable experience in a timely and efficient manner is always top of mind. Right from tackling seasonal travel surges to innovating for loyalty, cloud technologies have had an immense impact on transportation.”


For instance, Arizona Motor Vehicle Division worked with Kyndryl to modernize the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona MVD physical offices. In doing so, Kyndryl collaborated with Microsoft to integrate each office with new cloud-first architecture. Similarly, Kyndryl’s strategic partnership with AWS was crucial to the company being tapped to help transform Air Canada.


As consumers exercise greater influence on product trends and expect a smooth e-commerce experience, retailers are under pressure to deliver better business capabilities and upgrade their operating models to stay competitive.

“The cloud is front and center in shaping the retail industry’s success,” said Stephen Leonard, SVP of Global Strategic Alliances at Kyndryl. “Kyndryl has the experience, processes, tools and IP, along with the history and institutional knowledge, to help our customers successfully leverage the cloud — hyperscalers and beyond.”

Just as Kyndryl enabled digital retailer The Very Group to migrate to Microsoft Azure and Carrefour Belgium to Google Cloud, the technology infrastructure services provider also was chosen to help multinational food services company Compass Group Spain move from its hosted data center to AWS — the migration provided flexible scalability, a modernized infrastructure and a path to better disaster recovery.

“We continue to tap into the capabilities and offerings of our diverse partner ecosystem to enable and support integrated projects and opportunities across the world,” said Leonard.

Kyndryl leaders

Harish Grama

Global Cloud Leader

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Global Alliances and Partnerships Leader

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