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Build a secure and resilient government

Build a secure and
resilient government

A large university’s paper-based archive of student records was inefficient, required too much space, and was vulnerable to physical damage. The school needed to digitize its records for faster access and increased security while also meeting compliance requirements.

how we helped

Digitized files are password-protected, do not require physical storage, and are safe from physical risks such as water or fire damage.

Digitized documents

Enlisted the help of a local scanning partner to digitize and secure student documents using industrial-grade and laser scanners.

Less disruption

The entire paper archive was inventoried, packed up, and removed within 2 weeks, limiting disruption at the Registrar’s Office.

Ongoing support

Kyndryl's partner will scan the paper documents at its facilities and field file access requests while the project is ongoing.

Reduced manual labor related to document access and retention, with one-touch scanning and remote access from secure hybrid work locations.

Reduced risk

Reduced business risk of storing student information such as admission applications, letters of recommendation, and transcripts reflecting academic performance.

Cloud storage

Files will be managed and maintained on a Microsoft Sharepoint Online Cloud and will occupy just 40GB of cloud storage.

Full compliance

The digitized documents meet all compliance requirements and can be securely stored in perpetuity.

Automation and analytics make digitized records easier to access and maintain while providing a valuable source of insights for the university.

Actionable insights

Foundation for comprehensive analytics plan to provide better insights designed to support an improved overall student, alumni, faculty, and staff experience.

Smart categorization

Software can recognize and extract key metadata and auto-categorize different types of documents, reducing the need for manual sorting and filing.

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