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Powering Progress
for Our People and Communities

Social Impact at Kyndryl

Our Social Impact strategy

Our Social Impact strategy drives our employee and community engagement initiatives with the guidance and intention to optimize their positive impact. 

Within a week of Kyndryl becoming an independent company, we launched an employee survey to learn what our employees’ Social Impact priorities were. Kyndryl also initiated a Materiality Assessment, and a series of interviews with the senior leadership globally. 

The results of our inquiries indicated three community engagement focus areas which transformed into the foundation of Kyndryl’s Social Impact strategy and where we strive to have the greatest impact.

Read our 2023 Corporate Citizenship report ->

Social Impact focus areas

Our Social Impact program is focused on maximizing positive outcomes in three community engagement areas:

The Kyndryl Foundation

In September 2023, Kyndryl launched its philanthropic arm, the Kyndryl Foundation, to drive progress in the communities where Kyndryl does business. The Foundation addresses critical issues by leveraging philanthropic investment to make a difference. 

The inaugural Kyndryl Foundation grants were given to 11 organizations from seven countries to help build cybersecurity skills and career development for underrepresented communities and to foster cyber-resilience in nonprofit enterprises.

Our points of progress

Kyndryl is excited to share its interactive Cybersecurity Education course. Designed and developed by Kyndryl’s Cybersecurity Information Office, this course uses games and quizzes to create an engaging and meaningful learning experience that helps raise awareness of the risks and hazards in the digital world and offers insights into how we can build cyber resilience in our communities. 

Kyndryls Give

We are committed to empowering human progress in the places we live and work.

Kyndryl DEs volunteering at school 

The 2024 class of Kyndryl’s Distinguished Engineers (DEs) chose to spend their celebration time volunteering at the Academy of Innovative Technology at Brooklyn, New York. Our DEs not only helped these high school students design a garden but also inspired the next generation of engineers and innovative thinkers.

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