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Data and AI

How data and AI will buoy commercial maritime and shipping

Podcast 29 May 2024

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Episode notes

There’s a tremendous appetite for digitization within the shipping, logistics and commercial maritime industries. For example, organizations want to use AI to improve real-time shipment tracking and supply chain visibility. But implementation can be challenging. 

In this episode, our experts talk specifics about digitization, data, innovation, and generative AI in the shipping industry and commercial maritime. They cover challenges, success stories and opportunities for growth.

Featured Experts

What you will hear

"Where we're seeing a great deal of impact is around digitalization to support decarbonization. Shipping is an incredibly efficient way of moving goods around the world; it is the most efficient transport method, but it's still a massive emitter. And there are still huge inefficiencies throughout the maritime supply chain just in terms of how ships are operated. Being able to take a much more data driven view to how a ship is being operated, and being able to find those tiny 1% improvements that add up over time to make a ship more and more efficient, and reduce the emissions." —Nick

“Digital is transforming the industry and really helps to steer the growth or to manage and open the door of growth and [optimize] existing channels and revenue. I call it 'the educated decision maker;' our clients, our customers, our partners are more and more educated with digital tools." —Ralf

“Disruptions are the opportunities to grow... The faster [and] the more relaxed, you as an organization can cope with that, the better you can grow, and the better you can connect with the customers because the customers feel safe and secure with you. —Ralf