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Supporting Currys

For more than 10 years, Kyndryl has been proud to support Currys on their transformation journey

Through partnership, Kyndryl helps Currys realise value from technology

For over 10 years, Kyndryl has partnered with Currys to design, build, manage and modernise the mission-critical infrastructure that your business relies on every day.

By combining deep operational expertise with superior technical skills, the team at Kyndryl supports Currys in managing the unique complexity of your technology environment.

From collaborating on bold ideas and supporting innovation, to driving cost efficiencies and easing procurement, we are devoted to Currys' progress and restless in the search for continuous improvement.


Collaborate on the bold ideas that drive progress for Currys business


Protect the Currys business, shield your customers, and reduce operational risk


Ease complexity and maximise efficiency across Currys IT environment

Create a unified retail enterprise

The challenge
Modern retailers are prioritising digital transformation in the face of mounting competition, increasing customer expectation, and shifting logistical threats.     


The goal is flexible, disruption-ready systems that provide full visibility and data powered decision making in real time. Retailers need technology that puts the customer first — ensuring a personalised and secure experience.   


Our specialists work alongside retailers, co-creating unified solutions to their unique digital transformation challenges and delivering value across the complex retail enterprise.  


What’s possible with Kyndryl?

  • Leverage a single point of view into your IT infrastructure across multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, SAP, and ​​Oracle, with hybrid cloud orchestration services that optimise utilisation between clouds, datacenters, and the network edge 
  • Proactively anticipate IT failures and automatically resolve potential problems before they impact operations  
  • Improve the speed and consistency of your omnichannel experience  
  • Build immersive virtual reality shopping experiences
Unlock your data to power an agile supply chain 

The pandemic shone a harsh light on retail supply chain agility, but the pressure didn’t diminish with the lifting of national lockdowns. The operating environment has never been more difficult to predict, and retail is on the front line.  


To be successful in this difficult operating environment, retailers must prioritise supply chain resilience. We help our retail partners respond to market shifts and other disruptions with technology that provides seamless data flow, accurate demand forecasting, and smart logistics in real time.  


Kyndryl collaborates with retailers to: 

  • Predict and react to supply chain events with a simulation model that uses real data to create action plans and forecasts 
  • Eliminate data silos across the supply chain to provide a unified view 
  • Anticipate demand and streamline forecasting with AI for IT Operations (AIOps) 
  • Ensure security with a zero-trust approach
  • Achieve real-time inventory management by leveraging IOT for asset tracking and inventory visibility
  • Optimise the turn time between delivery and usability with real time data and location tracking


Customer Stories


Meet the Team

Meet the Kyndryls who continue to drive us towards our goals. These are the people who design, build, manage and modernize the mission-critical technology systems that the world depends on.

Moksha Evans

Senior Partner, Kyndryl

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Atiq Khan

Delivery Executive, Kyndryl

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Ramesh Subramanian

Customer Development Executive, Kyndryl

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