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Banking and Financial Markets
Helping financial institutions meet rapidly evolving customer demands

Deliver value for your customers with technology transformation

The banking and finance industry is undergoing a tectonic shift caused by fintech innovation, new technologies, volatile markets, digital finance, and rising cyber threats. Customer experience is the new competitive battleground, with empowered customers who expect personalised experiences from organisations they can trust.

Kyndryl helps you modernise, transform, and manage technology to enable a faster and more agile delivery of differentiated products and services in today's rapidly evolving market. Our experts partner with you to help you meet customer demands, drive growth, and guard against increasing security threats.

Kyndryl helps financial institutions achieve key business outcomes

Meet evolving customer demands

Ensure a secure and resilient bank

Drive growth through modernisation

Meet evolving customer demands

Embrace the 'age of the customer' with hyper-personalisation and secure, digital and in-person experiences.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Accelerate cloud adoption to improve development and time to market of new features demanded by customers
  • Modernise systems with a cloud-based data platform that unlocks the full potential of AI
  • Deliver personalised experiences through data management and AI-infused operations for intelligent insights
  • Realise new capabilities by optimising and modernising core banking systems and data centers
  • Drive continuous modernisation of existing environments to design around customer needs
Customer use case


Business challenge
Broadridge Financial Solutions wanted to broaden their portfolio of innovative, secure, and reliable solutions for their clients. To achieve these goals and to grow their global business through new offerings, Broadridge needed to modernise their core infrastructure so that all mission-critical applications would remain continually available.


How Kyndryl helped
With business continuity being paramount for both the business and their customers, Broadridge selected Kyndryl to develop a global private cloud solution with a flexible design and unwavering reliability. The migration to the new platform occurred with no client impact, in a third of the time typically required, and today processes trillions of dollars in daily transactions 20-30% faster.


Outcomes achieved

  • Broadridge can now get out in front of technology demands and shift more attention to innovating new solutions to meet customer demands
  • Onboarded customers faster and with scalability to expand its business
  • Delivered many of its critical, high-volume and client-facing systems of engagement

Ensure a secure and resilient bank

Improve resiliency and ensure regulatory compliance to protect your organisation and customers.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Enable effective protection of identities, infrastructure, applications, and data against internal and external threats
  • Identify operational risks from the bottom up and continuously monitor data usage and access across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Design, build, and run cyber incident recovery programs that allow organisations to automate recovery of applications, data, and business services to combat outages and downtime
  • Provide 24/7 protection that continuously monitors, automates, and enforces security policies and compliance mandates
Customer use case

Business challenge
A Bank designated as a Systematically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) was required by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to demonstrate the resiliency of their environment. After experiencing fail-over challenges, the Bank was on a tight deadline to deliver a plan to the Fed to remedy the situation. With over 40 applications connecting directly to the Fed, not meeting audit requirements would involve substantial fines and put the Bank in the public eye for lack of data security and recovery capabilities, compromising their customers’ trust.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl proactively presented a plan to the Bank to not only meet the minimum requirements of the Fed, but to continue moving the Bank towards industry best-practices. Kyndryl helped the Bank migrate all required apps – on time and on budget – to a new data center with two successful fail-overs through bi-directional network and data replication.



  • Achieved a new level of resiliency through a high availability, disaster recovery model, allowing the bank to avoid fines, customer loss, and public scrutiny
  • Improved operational resiliency and the ability to withstand outages and data loss in the event of a natural disaster or cyber event
  • The new data center allows the bank to more seamlessly pursue their M&A growth strategy by integrating apps from newly acquired companies onto the new platform faster and without downtime

Drive growth through modernisation and transformation

Reimagine business models with modern IT operations to meet customer demands and drive top line growth.

Kyndryl can help you:
  • Accelerate and simplify implementation of cloud-native applications, infrastructure, data, and AI to optimise core banking systems
  • Innovate with embedded finance and banking-as-a-service solutions by modernising mission critical applications
  • Co-develop enterprise-grade cloud environments with guardrails for efficient, cost-effective, and secure use
  • Establish and deploy end-to-end automation to transform IT organisations into a true digital-native business partner
Customer use case

Business challenge
A U.S. commercial bank needed to move critical applications, many of which were customer-facing, to the cloud to improve customer experience, increase their security and resiliency, and free up resources to pursue other growth and innovation opportunities. To do so, the bank needed top technical talent – Azure architects, network architects, and site reliability engineers – to enable the success of their aggressive modernisation strategy.


How Kyndryl helped
Kyndryl was able to quickly identify the skills needed and deliver top IT talent for the bank's cloud migration efforts. Kyndryl's detailed plan and fast execution built credibility with bank executives, who now view Kyndryl as a strategic partner. The bank has continued to expand their business with Kyndryl to provide technical resources for new modernisation projects.



  • Improved customer experience and trust by reducing any potential negative impact of an outage
  • Achieved their aggressive modernisation goals faster
  • Plugged security and resiliency gaps
  • Refocused internal resources towards other strategic initiatives and driving growth

Personalization’s continued transformation of financial services

Kyndryl and Economist Impact partnered to host a financial services panel discussion with experts from Comerica, One, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch to examine the evolution of personalized financial services driven by digital banking.

Continued acceleration of digital banking is leading to an explosion of data that help financial institutions deepen customer relationships. Highly customized and personal experiences are impacting everything from customer onboarding and loyalty to activity and trust.

Kyndryl expert spotlight

Anandh Maistry

Managing Partner, Banking & Insurance ANZ


“We’re focused on helping our customers build and execute their modernisation roadmaps to unlock business value and avoid potential issues, like vendor lock-in.”

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