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Managed Backup Services

Data protection with backup as a service from Kyndryl offers fully managed, end-to-end data protection and data backup in a security-rich environment


Managed backup services from Kyndryl help to protect and retrieve critical business data, monitor the health of your data protection environment and comply with government and industry regulations. It manages your data backup with robust on-site, off-site and hybrid cloud–based security.


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Virtualized and cloud-based deployments

Enable the flexibility to scale your data backup volume up or down according to fluctuating business needs.

Reduced cost and complexity

Protect all data and assets with this single, unified solution that runs on most servers, hypervisors, databases and platforms.

Risk management

Receive data protection from catastrophic business events with functionality integrated into the technology stack.

Pre-empt and manage information risk

Kyndryl's data protection offers solutions to safeguard and reliably retrieve data, monitor the health of your data protection environment using analytics, and support information resiliency.


Kyndryl's data protection has robust capabilities for virtualized and cloud-based deployments that allow you to flexibly scale your backup data volume according to your business needs.

Ensure smooth operation

Kyndryl’s experts monitor the backup environment to ensure critical data is protected.

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