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Customer experience

What role does technology play in creating human-centric experiences?

Podcast 02-Nov-2022

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Episode summary

In this episode our experts discuss what goes into creating a digital experience and enabling flexible business capabilities that support this new journey. Hear from our guests Kenya Muedano, Director of IT Build-The-Bank, Gentera and Katia Diep, Senior Partner Financial Services & Telco, Kyndryl.

Episode notes

These days every company is a tech company. With technology making the world smaller, it opens the possibility to reach communities and spaces that have been underserved. Access to microfinancing drives female empowerment, promotes gender equity and boosts local economies. ​

Compartamos Banco has been operating in Mexico for more than 32 years and has helped more than 13 million people to gain access to vital financial services. With more than 2.5 million customers throughout Mexico – 89 percent of them women – Compartamos Banco is enabling people to capitalize on their ingenuity and hard work and realize their dreams.

Featured experts

  • Kenya Muedano, Business Processes Analysis Director, Gentera
  • Katia Diep, Senior Partner Financial Services & Telco, Kyndryl