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Business transformation

Decision science: What can retailers learn from Goldilocks?

Podcast 10-Aug-2022

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Episode summary

Our experts explore the impact of blind faith in processes without any real understanding of how the business operates and consider why – despite their apparent sophistication – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are not the solution to every problem on their own.

Listen as they explore how to think about questioning those building the models to make it easy to both sense check how they work, and to make sure they are built at the right level for what’s needed.

Episode notes

Retail has seen a lot of growth over the past five years, with retailers looking to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve performance, simplify the customer journey, and increase innovation. But should we always trust the algorithms and are they even required? Is AI really the next level of retail optimization, or simply another solution still searching for the problem it’s meant to fix? What is the difference between explainable machine learning over artificial intelligence within retail?  

Featured experts

  • Robert Bates, Head of Decision Science, Currys
  • Rachel Goldberg, Senior Group Strategy Manager, Currys