By Joe Capalbo, Vice President of Operations at Kyndryl

Datacenters, the physical facilities whose servers, storage systems and network equipment power an increasingly digital world, are transforming into sophisticated hubs that enable companies to protect and manage ever-greater amounts of information. These changes are being driven by customer demand, new technologies and an increased focus within the IT Industry on sustainability, according to a report by the International Energy Agency.

For example, the rise of hybrid cloud computing allows businesses to share data between their on-premises infrastructure and the cloud hosted in new hyperscaler facilities that are significantly more energy efficient and cost effective than their older, subscale counterparts. The modern build provides the security capabilities, scale and agility that businesses need to adapt to change.

This evolution presents an opportunity for companies like Kyndryl that own and run a portfolio of legacy datacenters to embrace a more flexible and reliable way of managing datacenter operations — and ultimately position us to better meet our customers’ growing business needs for decades to come.

Since becoming an independent company in 2021, Kyndryl has been committed to identifying new ways to help customers advance their digital transformations. This has included forging deeper partnerships with leading cloud service providers, or hyperscalers, to co-create solutions and bringing AI-powered capabilities to enterprises across the globe through Kyndryl Bridge.

As we look to the future, we also see opportunity to drive additional datacenter modernization that strengthens resiliency and improves efficiency by consolidating our real estate footprint and partnering with leading datacenter operators for colocation services.

This transition is already underway, and we are now accelerating our efforts. For customers, benefits include faster connectivity, reduced risk and greater efficiency while becoming more asset light. 

Datacenter consolidation and optimization has many benefits for Kyndryl’s customers. Here are the top three.

1. Faster modernization

Kyndryl can work with datacenter operators whose facilities are optimally located to promote interconnectivity with cloud providers and drive lower latency. These capabilities are essential as hybrid computing increasingly becomes the norm and as businesses seek the enhanced connectivity that enables them to gain real-time insights. 

2. Better and stronger resiliency

Aged and outdated infrastructure is not only expensive to maintain, but it carries more risk. It’s crucial for customers to adopt a strong cyber resiliency posture that trades legacy assets for updated technology, as relying on aging infrastructure leads to more expenses, inefficiencies and operational risks.

3. Smarter energy management

Kyndryl’s new approach will make use of more efficient facilities that require less costly energy to operate. Datacenters require energy to run IT equipment as well as cooling systems to ensure servers don’t overheat. Modern datacenters require less energy for equivalent computing loads than older facilities and can optimize cooling systems with an assist from artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

We will continue to use our freedom as an independent company to collaborate with a broad ecosystem of strategic partners. This means finding the right solutions for each use case — whether it be tapping into the growth of generative AI or achieving the low latency connections that enable real-time applications.

It's just part of our broader commitment to help customers continue to deliver the essential services — seamless banking transactions, streamlined healthcare experiences, secure government interactions, to name a few — that millions of people rely on every day.

Joe Capalbo

Vice President of Operations at Kyndryl