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The new center, already at full performance, delivers greater energy efficiency, resiliency and scalability to support data-intensive research to boost industrial development and sustainability.

CACERES, Spain, May 20, 2022 — The Regional Government of Extremadura, in Spain (through its Foundation COMPUTAEX), and Kyndryl, the world's largest provider of IT infrastructure services, have announced today a new high performance Supercomputing Center, the CenitsS-CPD, financed through European funds (FEDER). The center, which was designed and built by Kyndryl, in collaboration with Cenits, is already at full performance and ready to deliver greater energy efficiency, resiliency and scalability in support of data-intensive research.

The new data processing center enables scientific and technical researchers to advance their data-intensive work on projects such as energy efficiency, personalized medicine, climate change research and precision agriculture. The goal of the center is to accelerate innovation and industrial development to help grow important economic areas in the region, such as agriculture, energy, tourism and healthcare.

Kyndryl professionals designed the new data center with the latest supercomputing technologies that together, with free-cooling systems, ensure high energy efficiency. The center also features new resiliency and disaster recovery systems and the ability to more easily scale according to demand.

“The Regional Government of Extremadura selected Kyndryl for this project because of Kyndryl’s deep experience in security and resiliency. Kyndryl professionals’ knowledge and experience in the design and construction of data centers, especially in high performance computing, have been key to the success of this project”, says Jose Luis Gonzalez, director of the Computing and Advanced Technology of Extremadura Foundation.

"For Kyndryl, this project means putting our experience at the service of researchers and scientists so that they can continue to advance in their efforts to improve the society in which we live. It is by analyzing large data sets that they are able to test their theories and draw conclusions for further progress in all areas," adds Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, Director of Resilience and Security at Kyndryl Spain and Portugal.

To date, more than 200 scientific and technical research projects are hosted at the center and harness advanced technologies like machine learning and quantum computing.


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