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Automating Quality Inspection Operations Solution

Identifying and addressing manufacturing disruption and process anomalies and improving productivity and efficiency

Why choose Kyndryl and AWS?

Kyndryl and AWS help manufacturers automate product quality inspection and transition from a human centric or sample-based inspection model to a fully automated inspection that leverages AI to dramatically increase accuracy and minimizes defects.

Kyndryl credentials

Certified practitioners

Kyndryl has 2,000+ certified AWS practitioners and 500+ data and AI certifications to design, build and manage data and AI solutions on AWS.


Full-stack data management and enterprise AI services delivered with automated workflows and built-in intelligence through 18 patents in data & AI.


Building upon a decade-long partnership of proven solutions focused on customer success, Kyndryl has 50+ customers with varied maturity of AI use cases.


Use case:

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