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Kyndryl Recovery Retainer Service

Minimize the business impact of cyberattacks with reliable, on-demand expertise

Cyber incident recovery expertise available at the time of your need

A cyberattack can disrupt the continuity of your business at the most unexpected moment. Is your enterprise ready and  equipped enough to respond and recover swiftly from its devastating impacts? 

Kyndryl Recovery Retainer Service serves as a trusted partner for your organisation by accelerating your recovery operation in the event of a cyber incident, helping you mitigate its impact and quickly get your operation back on track.

With a team of recovery experts and a set of tools and technologies for emergency support, Kyndryl Recovery Retainer Service empowers you to proactively assess, strengthen, and enable your organisation’s overall cyber incident recovery operation.

Key benefits

  • Support: Adopt our flexible recovery retainer framework that supports heterogeneous infrastructures—physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Experience: Collaborate with our highly skilled professionals with years of experience in recovery management
Kyndryl Recovery Retainer Service options


Kyndryl offers three recovery retainer tiers for your recovery requirements in the event of a cyber incident.

*Additional hours available if needed 

Minimize business impact and recover from cyberattacks

Quickly identify, mitigate, and recover from cyber incidents while securing your enterprise’s vital systems

Proactively improve recovery readiness

Plan, practice and ensure your enterprise’s resiliency at the event of a cyberattack

Easily access services on-demand

Leverage remote capability and onsite support with guaranteed response times


Get a 30-minute, no-cost strategy session with a Kyndryl expert 

Discover the full value of your business and technology potential with a Kyndryl expert consultation at no cost.