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Modernização de TI

A human-centric approach to innovation in the public sector

Podcast 12 de jun de 2024

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Episode notes

Public sector agencies face unique challenges when modernizing systems, adapting to regulations, building data-driven programs and upskilling the workforce.

In this episode, our guests share how they are navigating the challenges; guiding their organizations to be more agile, customer-centric, and collaborative – while putting employees and their citizen stakeholders first.

Featured Experts

  • Tom Kambouras, Chief Information Officer, NYC Employee Retirement System
  • Valerie Adamo,  Chief Technology Officer, Ontario Pension Board

What you will hear

"We have an awesome cybersecurity program and an awesome set of behavior-based learning tools for our staff. I think that served us very well in building reputational trust with our clients. We are very responsive; if anybody in our client base thinks that they've got an issue, we'll help them. And I would say that process caused the IT team to get much closer with the business. It also caused the IT team to get much closer with the board." —Valerie

"We know working and living in the city environment or in a public sector environment, the speed to market or the speed to finish things is not as it is on the private side, because we have all these other constraints and things that we need to deal with while we're doing our day-to-day work and delivering on some of these initiatives and projects. But reflectively, looking back and seeing where you were a year, two, three, four years ago, and where you are … you have a roadmap. The city does not look like the way [it did] when I came in 2008; it's not the same." —Tom

"People want to provide great service, just not any service... When you're working in an organization that supports that passion and does so all the way from the purpose statement all the way through to execution, I think that really helps."  — Valerie

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