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Digital banking success in Latin America: Insights from Itaú Unibanco

Podcast 2 de ago de 2023

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With a large population of unbanked and underbanked citizens, late but rapid smartphone adoption, and a boom of start-up fintech companies, Latin America can be a tough market for traditional banks. But Brazil’s biggest bank has managed to remain the country’s most valued brand with a strategic approach to digital transformation that puts people first and 70% of its workloads in the cloud.

Listen in as Fábio Napoli, Itaú Unibanco’s Director of Information Technology and Chief Technology Officer, shares the bank’s digital journey, lessons learned, and his personal advice for Latin American peers in other regulated industries. 

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"…we needed to have the right skills to be part of the journey inside the customer, just not only to provide the technology, and if it is up or down. We needed to bring more value in the relationship. So the skills about data, about all the disruptive technologies I think this is the most important part that we need to have the journey with the customer." 
– Roberto

“In all meetings, we start with a co creation process. Because part of the current culture of Itaú is we don't know everything. So how we can combine our knowledge, our skills, to understand what they need, and create the best solution the best service for Itaú and the Itaú customers.
– Roberto

“I think that the biggest challenge was really not to convince, but to have the board leading the digital transformation, leading the cultural change.”
– Fábio

“…this is the culture of change that I'm really proud of that permitted us to really work in a different way - really well integrated - so the technology is the core of everything that we're performing. So the digital transformation, it's really being implemented and the results are coming; I'm really proud about that.”
– Fábio