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Business transformation

How to bolster a culture of continuous innovation

Podcast Nov 15, 2023

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Episode notes

This discussion is a deep dive into the pressing need for innovation within the banking industry. Our experts explore the intricacies of cultivating a culture of innovation within banks, a sector often characterized by a traditional and risk-averse mindset.​

Our guests discuss the pivotal role of leadership in setting the right tone for creative thinking, empowering employees at all levels, and fostering an environment that rewards risk-taking and learning. Guests spotlight successful banks that have embraced innovation and the tangible benefits that have ensued. ​

Tune in if you're part of the banking sector or simply interested in how innovation can revolutionize traditional industries.

Featured experts

What you will hear

“…it's very important to make sure that we build a culture of innovation that supports an understanding of how the customers are interacting with the branches, what are the needs of our bankers, and we've taken a number of steps in order to make sure that we've inculcated a culture of innovation and also a methodology and practice behind it."  
- Kumar

"Customers today want fast, comprehensive, personalized service. And they'd like you to know what they want before they say it. So a big challenge that banks and financial institutions have is being able to understand this."
– Shelly

"That's kind of the wakeup call that banks and financial institutions need to understand. It is truly - there is a better way. And how are we creating our processes and our systems, and our rules and our compliance and all of the things that are so important, but how are we doing this all with a view toward what is today's customer want? And need? And how are we delivering it for them?"
– Shelly