From responsible AI adoption to sustainable practices, learn how Kyndryl helps customers thrive in a rapidly changing landscape 

As the demand for faster data speeds and the use of connected devices continue to rise, telecommunications, media & entertainment, and technology (TMT) companies face unique challenges.  

 Many businesses have a critical need for customized solutions and strategic investments, shaped by connected devices, network infrastructure demands, artificial intelligence advancements and evolving consumer expectations. Additionally, TMT organizations are looking for strategic approaches that prioritize responsible AI and machine learning, incorporate sustainable practices and use energy-efficient equipment, and address heightened cybersecurity risks to protect networks and customer data. 

 “It’s an exciting time for our customers – but perhaps more exciting for their consumers,” said Gretchen Tinnerman, Vice President & Leader of the Kyndryl US TMT market. “Developments in data and AI are enabling consumers to access new, advanced technologies. What used to be only for enterprises is now available for the average consumer.”

Here, Tinnerman talks about the AI boom, sustainability and how Kyndryl helps companies maximize value in the TMT sector. 

What are some emerging trends in the TMT industry? 

Sustainability is a key focus right now, with many of our customers focused on climate reduction targets and environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives in their everyday business operations. Additionally, the emphasis on “customer zero,” which is our own transformation and modernization story, is resonating with TMT customers as they grapple with complex change. 

 Consumer data is also a significant trend, especially in the media world, with an emphasis on understanding consumer and end-user data. TMT companies regularly analyze marketing data so that they can invest in and capitalize on market trends. And, of course, many business leaders are concerned with understanding how AI will affect the business. 

Emerging trends in the TMT industry


Businesses are concentrating their efforts on reducing their impact on the environment and meeting ESG goals.

Consumer data

Understanding consumer and end-user data will continue to help businesses capitalize on market trends.

Speaking of AI, how will the advanced technology’s growth impact the TMT industry? 

With many of our customers, we're witnessing a surge in discussions about the impact of AI on business operations, particularly in media and entertainment. Within the media and advertising sector of TMT, the predicted demand for AI and analytics is substantial — AI-related investments could grow to $200 billion by 2025. Similarly, about 38% of chief marketing officers say they are accelerating the shift to new technologies and platforms, creating a real market need. 

AI personalization will directly impact customer engagement and retention in the media and entertainment space. A hyper-personalized experience, with effective customer behavior predictions driven by AI data, will be key for these companies moving forward.

It’s an exciting time for our customers – but perhaps more exciting for their consumers. Developments in data and AI are enabling consumers to access new, advanced technologies. What used to be only for enterprises is now available for the average consumer.

Gretchen Tinnerman

Vice President & Leader of the Kyndryl US TMT market

How is Kyndryl helping TMT companies achieve their ESG goals? 

Our advice on environmental sustainability revolves around several key factors, with a significant emphasis on data. Discussions with customers often center around sustainability trends in various sectors, such as climate control and power usage. For instance, when addressing datacenters, we delve into how our customers can align their technologies and power consumption with sustainability plans, contributing positively to the planet. Additionally, we consider broader ESG concerns related to climate control as part of our everyday focus.

How are companies grappling with excess data challenges? 

There's a significant challenge in managing the excessive amount of data available. While consumers are willingly providing more data for a personalized experience, our customers find it overwhelming. Companies seek a trusted partner to provide end-to-end support, not just advising on data use but also offering insights and guidance on sourcing, management, storage and security. They need someone to extract meaningful insights from the data. 

The challenge is not only to gather a lot of data but also to use it well to enhance experiences for consumers. And when we get this right — by approaching it holistically and considering data security, confidentiality and insights — we have the chance to change how our customers connect with their audiences. Imagine more successful marketing campaigns, hyper-personalized streaming content and increasingly connected devices. And we can tackle these problems because we have the skills in AI, security and resiliency, and cloud.

How does Kyndryl tailor its offerings to meet the needs of TMT customers? 

There’s a real market need to shift to new technologies and platforms, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Our common value proposition across TMT industries is centered on reducing time and costs, which is critical for these industries right now. We focus on operationalizing security and resiliency within massive datasets, aligning with industry demands. Through it all, we remain focused on the end-user — we like to say, “our customer’s customer” — and how we can create the best possible experience for them. Again, across TMT, that means helping ensure the everyday consumer not only has access to these innovate technologies, but has a positive, seamless experience.

We immerse ourselves in the industry, speaking the same language as our customers. This strategy is a game-changer — it sets us apart and allows us to resonate with the industry's unique needs. Brand positioning is a crucial aspect as well, and Kyndryl is actively working on creating a strong presence. We've initiated efforts to ensure our brand is not only recognized but also associated with the values and expertise we bring to the industry. We're proud to share that IDC has recognized our brand as an industry leader, showcasing our efforts to position Kyndryl in the market.

Gretchen Tinnerman

Vice President & Leader of the Kyndryl US TMT Market