Kyndryl celebrates Women’s History Month by highlighting the women inspiring change worldwide

In recognition of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on March 8, Kyndryl honors the achievements of women who are championing inclusion, diversity and equity in the workspace and around the world.

Against the backdrop of progress, where women run more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies, it’s important to recognize that a quarter of those leaders assumed the role of CEO within the past two years alone. At Kyndryl, we are proud to celebrate the influence of our global women leaders, whose dedication and advocacy inspire and uplift others across the organization and beyond.

Here, eight leaders of our Women’s Kyndryl Inclusion Network (KIN), a business resources group, share how they are helping to advance the careers of women.

Vanessa Redondo
Associate Director, Project Management, Kyndryl Costa Rica

“As seasons change, we grow wiser in managing priorities; focus on what motivates you, and the rest will follow.”

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Empowering women at Kyndryl

As the leader of the Costa Rica Women’s KIN, I collaborate with talented women to empower them and expand their networks. We also provide guidance on education paths and seek support from allies to enhance career development for women at Kyndryl.

Ensuring equal opportunities

Organizations must focus on creating an inclusive and safe workplace, where women can thrive. Consistent and open communication ensures equal opportunities for skills development and leadership across the board.

Embracing individuality

We don’t have to do it all — focus on your own realities and what makes you unique. Avoiding comparisons and establishing support systems are essential for achieving success.

Lakshmi Nagaraja
Global Delivery Leader - ModernOps (AIOps and FinOps), Kyndryl India

“Instead of waiting for miracles to happen, become the miracle you seek.”

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My inspiration

My mother is my ultimate role model and has always pushed me to excel. She defied traditional gender roles in India and pursued education despite societal norms. Her commitment to financial independence and knowledge of investment decision-making has led her to become a trusted advisor to other women.

Never stop learning

Continuous learning in my career at Kyndryl has given me a competitive edge, helping me to adapt to market changes and showcase my expertise while breaking stereotypes and enhancing my value to the team.

Finding balance

Balancing my career with motherhood is demanding, but prioritizing and setting boundaries helps me manage. I’m not afraid to ask for help when needed, so that I can dedicate time to both my professional career in IT and my personal life.

Anna Lewandowska
Senior Lead, Project Manager and Communications Lead — Cloud Customer Adoption & Delivery, Kyndryl Poland

“Being an avid mountain climber has taught me to embrace failure as part of the journey and be patient, focused and resilient — lessons that I apply to my personal and professional pursuits.”

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Climbing my way to success

Climbing mountains serves as a metaphor for my career journey, teaching me to embrace challenges as part of the process and to relentlessly pursue success. Just as in climbing, professional development involves persistence, patience and trusting yourself.

Shared experiences, shared community 

Being a member of the Women’s KIN provides a sense of community and support where I can connect with peers, share experiences and exchange advice on navigating challenges. My favorite part of being a part of this community is having the opportunity to engage in activities that promote female leadership and gender diversity in the workplace.

My commitment to workplace excellence

As the leader of our Women’s KIN in Poland, I’m dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures potential, showcases capabilities and fosters trust. My commitment extends to making Kyndryl the employer of choice for women in Poland.

Corinne Hoffman
Director, Field Marketing, Kyndryl U.S.

“I find inspiration in the work of our 20-plus Women’s KINs across the globe, and I am constantly learning from their contributions, as they help us drive progress in their respective markets.”

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Driving change together

Co-chairing Kyndryl’s Enterprise Women's KIN has been one of the highlights of my career. I am extremely proud of the work we have accomplished so far, and I believe there is still a lot more we can do to raise awareness and bring about meaningful change for women at Kyndryl.

Inspiring inclusion one day at a time

Creating an inclusive culture for women in the workplace is in the day-to-day, including recognizing and addressing misrepresentation in leadership and practitioners. At Kyndryl, we’re making a conscious effort to prioritize gender equality by ensuring diverse applicant pools and ingraining inclusivity in our mindset.

Unlocking potential through mentorship

In the ever-changing tech industry, networking and openness are crucial. As a mentor, I encourage other females in the IT industry to seize additional projects to broaden their horizons, meet new contacts, discover what they’re capable of — and most important, recognize what lights a fire within them.

Suzanne Cockaday
Director, Strategic Data Center Programs, Kyndryl U.K.I.

“When we uplift others, we uplift ourselves.”

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The power of networking

Leading the UKI Women’s KIN is incredibly rewarding; I’ve met many inspiring individuals and have witnessed firsthand the immense power of networking. Together, we realize the importance in highlighting women leadership and creating a supportive environment where acknowledging others’ achievements is natural.

Advancing gender equity

Achieving gender equity in the workplace requires transparent role expectations and clear communication. Providing thorough feedback on professional advancement opportunities for women is essential for fostering equality and growth.

Michele Ratis e Silva Barbosa
Senior Lead, Learning Consulting, Kyndryl Brazil

“Empowerment begins with intention, providing women with platforms to speak and recognizing their voices.”

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Strength in unity

Leading our Women’s KIN in Brazil is a great gift — it connects me with people who are willing to collaborate and allows me to drive positive change that will help women across the company. We’ve implemented a local mentoring program specifically for women, providing a valuable opportunity to connect with female leaders in the IT industry and build a strong network.

Powering progress for women

I started as an intern at Kyndryl and now lead a region in learning. I’m passionate about intentionally developing programs that empower women professionally — and recently created a training certification in partnership with Microsoft, centered around cybersecurity and resiliency skills.

Brittleigh Macaulay
Senior Lead, US Practice Communications, Kyndryl U.S.

“Believe in yourself, embrace the journey and trust your ability to overcome any obstacle on your path to success.”

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Finding a sense of community

Our Women’s KIN means so much to me. It is a place where I can connect with other women, exchange thoughts, learn about others, provide support and feel comfortable enough to ask for support in return. Although we all may be in different corners of the world, this KIN strengthens our sense of community.

Being yourself

Always stay true to who you are and stand up to prove your worth, despite any doubts from others. Confidence goes a long way in overcoming imposter syndrome and gender bias in the workplace.

Amanda Moyer
Senior Lead, Project Management, Kyndryl U.S.

Take risks, trust yourself and don't let fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams.”

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Paying it forward

My career has been shaped by the support of incredible women, motivating me to empower the next generation of female leaders in the IT industry. By leading initiatives such as the US Internship program and our Early Careers Program, I’ve had the privilege of guiding young women into various technical roles with the support they need to thrive.

Advice for aspiring women in tech

Don’t be afraid to dive into new challenges and opportunities, even if you're not an expert in every aspect of the role or project. The tech industry is constantly evolving, and embracing change and growth is essential for career advancement.