Kyndryl is working with Microsoft to boost efficiencies for customers and employees

To keep up with a rapidly changing world, businesses across the globe are seeking innovative ways to improve operational efficiencies, employee productivity and collaboration. Enter Microsoft 365 Copilot, a recently launched artificial intelligence companion that combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with a business’ organizational data. And it does so within Kyndryl’s existing commitments to data security and privacy in the enterprise.

Generative AI tools are having a breakout year. As surveys show, 33% of organizations are regularly using generative AI in at least one corporate function.

Kyndryl is deploying Microsoft 365 Copilot in a bid to enhance innovation, creativity and productivity for its customers and employees across their organizations. Drawing from its deep expertise, Kyndryl is putting its AI-readiness program to work through future-forward and responsible AI solutions that customers can integrate into their existing enterprise environments. 

Here are five ways Kyndryl plans to unlock efficiency and productivity for its customers and employees: 

1. Enhances creativity

The days of arduous meeting preparations and creative dry spells could be a thing of the past. With the generative capabilities of Copilot, meaningful and insightful content is a few clicks away. The speed and accuracy with which teams can write documents, create presentations and compose emails allows users to boost creativity. Additionally, Copilot allows for meetings to flow naturally and puts the focus on the ideas and agenda while capturing key ideas and action items.

2. Improves productivity

A common pain point for developers is the time spent on problem-solving and debugging code. With GitHub Copilot, it is possible to eliminate this scenario and effectively streamline workflows with intelligent code completion and suggestions for ready-to-use code. When developers can channel their time on more sophisticated tasks, they are able to deliver solutions better and faster. And with Microsoft 365 Copilot, employees can significantly reduce the time spent on emails with its ability to write, edit, summarize and create first drafts of content with a brief prompt, pulling in relevant information from across the organization.

3. Enables knowledge discovery and security

Finding the right answers against the backdrop of a distributed knowledge base within Kyndryl is made faster with Copilot. With the ease of obtaining information, Copilot can be leveraged for the discovery of outdated and inaccurate information, which can help in improving the overall quality and relevance of information. This ability to enhance response accuracy through increased searchability and improved data precision presents a unique advantage. Copilot can also enable a feedback loop that will help define document classifiers and associated policies for enhanced data loss prevention (DLP).

4. Reduces feature time

When GitHub Copilot for Individuals debuted in June 2022, it generated more than 27% of developers’ code files on average. Today, that number has risen to an average of 46% and across all programming languages, thanks to accuracy improvements and responsiveness to code suggestions. This also means that developers can move faster to high-value feature differentiation rather than spending time on basic code maintenance, eventually allowing for new features and integrations to be available sooner.

5. Helps chart career paths

An interesting yet underrated byproduct of improved productivity is an ability to make empowering career choices. As employees accomplish tasks faster, they will have time to spend on other strategic priorities such as learning and skill development for the next phase of their career.

When it comes to AI assistants, several factors — including the need for skilled experts and seasoned consultants — need to stack up to make it a transformative tool for everyone. Organizations will need to actively invest in nurturing an AI-ready workforce that can take on the challenges of designing and implementing solutions that reduce business risk and deliver greater long-term value to customers. 

To learn more about Kyndryl’s work with generative AI and Microsoft, visit the Kyndryl booth at Microsoft Ignite or tune in online