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New Kyndryl engagement modes with Service Partners

Announcement – New Kyndryl engagement modes with Service Partners

When Kyndryl became an independent public company, we promised that we’d be different – in our customer-centric mission, in how we invest in talent, and the partnerships we create to foster success for our customers and our long-term growth.

Since November, we have evolved the way we engage with regional and local partners. 

We have built a simple partnership framework tailored for the services business, with transparent contracting. These new non-alliance relationships are referred to as Service Partners.  

The new engagement modes for Service Partners are based on the relationship with the customer:

  • Service Partner has the prime contractual relationship with the customer(s) and will subcontract Kyndryl services to deliver a complete solution to Partner’s customer. 
  • Kyndryl has the prime contractual relationship with the customer and will subcontract the Service Partner as its vendor.

The contract terms have been tailored specifically for each engagement mode. The relevant agreement stack, including relationship terms, will be signed during the engagement on specific transactions. There is no requirement for Service Partners to enroll in any program level agreement.

Please email us at if you have any questions about how to apply the new engagement modes to your customer opportunity. 

This is what being at ‘The Heart of Progress’ means – to be at the center of innovation for our customers. 

We look forward to creating an outstanding partnership experience for you in 2022!