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Business transformation

Hope, hype, and hazards: How to put your company on a path to quantum readiness

Podcast 29 Nov 2023

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Episode notes

Most business leaders agree that quantum computing will have a profound impact on industry as we know it, yet few are actively preparing.

Quantum computers offer compute power that is orders of magnitude greater than classical computers. The technology will enable economic and commercial advantages across a broad range of business use cases—from designing personalized medicines and treatments to creating secure, eavesdropping-free communication channels.

Quantum computers can be used to enable real business results, today, and companies that adopt quantum will gain significant advantages over those that do not. But where do you start?

Listen as our experts explore the question and remove the mystery of quantum.

Featured experts

  • Paul Bromelow, Quantum Business Leader and Global Sales Leader, Kyndryl
  • Guy Siviour, Strategy and Technology Consultant, Kyndryl

What you will hear

"Quantum is all about trying to use the most fundamental building blocks of the universe. To use some to do computations and actually do calculations, and to fundamentally create a completely different computing paradigm to what we see today.”

"…it's not that people are going to have to go out there and start buying quantum computers - most of it is going to be delivered, integrated with existing systems, and for particular types of problems you will go out to some kind of cloud-based service that will deliver an answer for a specific problem using quantum technology.”

“…the key thing is – and this ties in some respects into digital transformation – it’s very important that people understand what the business problem is. What is the sort of underlying mathematical or computational problem? Is that a problem that is suitable for quantum computers? If it is, then it's about understanding how that can be coded onto a quantum computer? For a company, it's about deciding do you want to keep everything in house? Or is it better to start working with a partner who has knowledge in this area, and can bring in the right people at the right time to enable you to actually start to develop a quantum computing capability.”