Protecting mission-critical data against the worst-case scenarios

A leading global travel retailer

Business opportunity

For a leading global travel retailer with outlets in 75 countries, protecting in-store and back-office systems against downtime and cybersecurity threats is of paramount importance.

The company’s existing business continuity systems had been outpaced by modern cybersecurity threats with the potential to expose sensitive data and cause financial loss.

The company set out to enhance security and resiliency by refreshing the technologies and processes governing the backup and recovery of key applications and databases. The primary goal was to minimize the risk of financial and reputational damage from unplanned downtime. Faster recovery would also help the retailer reliably serve global customers around the clock.

Technical challenge

The retailer’s backup solution, based on legacy technology pre-dating the cloud era, was complex, hard to set up and manage and offered limited functionality. It also demanded a significant amount of manual administration but was failing to deliver on both speed and reliability.

In addition, the retailer lacked a workable plan for recovering from cybersecurity incidents or other IT-related disasters, putting customer and business data at risk. The roles and responsibilities of key personnel were not clearly defined, and two major incidents—a substantial loss of data and a ransomware attack—showed how vulnerable the company was.

Kyndryl designed and delivered a fully managed cyber resiliency solution based on Rubrik backup technology and Kyndryl recovery planning.

Our solution

Together, experts from Kyndryl Collaborative Poland and Kyndryl Switzerland worked with the retailer to select Rubrik SaaS Data Protection, a cloud-native backup, disaster and cyber recovery solution. Kyndryl managed the design and deployment using Agile approaches that enabled delivery one month ahead of schedule.

Kyndryl deployed six Rubrik appliances and uses the Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform to manage them. An immutable third copy of data backups is stored in Rubrik’s cloud.

Kyndryl also created a comprehensive Cyber Incident Recovery Plan covering end-to-end recovery workflows, backed by the Kyndryl Cyber Recovery Retainer Service to optimize recovery.

This business resiliency solution safeguards data and reduces financial loss by accelerating recovery.

The power of partnership

The Kyndryl Collaborative Poland and Kyndryl Switzerland teams built a strong relationship with Rubrik to enable a smooth rollout of the new cyber resiliency solution. The client has expanded the solution to other business units and is planning further deployments in the future.

What progress looks like

The fully managed cyber resiliency solution, built on Rubrik technology and governed by a clear recovery plan, gives the retailer peace of mind that systems and data are protected against accidental or malicious damage.

  • Extended scope to full cyber resiliency solution
  • Optimized and centralized backups
  • Accelerated backup and recovery of key systems
  • Reduced the risk of unrecoverable backups
  • Delivered comprehensive cyber recovery plan
  • Enhanced overall business resilience

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