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De l'idée à l'invention et au-delà - Comment stimuler l'innovation et la croissance

Podcast 18 oct. 2023

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Episode notes

”Innovation means doing something new that improves a product, process or service.”1 For companies, that can reflect the way a company brings constant value to their customers' business or life. 

The drive to innovate leads to the creation of intellectual property, which can be ideas, software, processes and methods, tooling or anything else that provides a competitive edge. 

Listen as our experts share how intellectual property is created and how to drive a research innovation strategy in enterprise tech. Our Behind the Patent series also explores patents by Kyndryls.

Featured experts

What you will hear

“I like to see IP more as a tool bag of options that we use to protect innovation. The ultimate goal is to provide that value to either the customer or the company. And we look at innovation is that process of taking an idea to market then as you're doing that you need to analyze which IP rights should we apply to make sure that we're protecting the idea if necessary” – Lorie

“I like to think of [innovation] as the lookout on the ship, right? The person who's there with the binoculars or the folks that are out there looking ahead, helping steer an organization, and watching for things that are coming on the way. So that is what the innovation folks would do the folks that are doing researcher in that space of looking out on behalf of the entire ship. So innovation is that group, the folks who are doing that look out on behalf of the organization, and then, from that spins, the deciding whether you want to plow through a trend, are you going to catch the wave? Or are you going to go around it? And if you are any one of those, then how are you going to take action, and then roll that down. And of course, then comes IP along with that…” – Ilyas

“…this doesn't go far from our core business, which is running critical infrastructure, right? This is mission critical; it doesn't get any more critical than life itself. And so protecting life, and doing it by analyzing data, but not having to do it on the cloud, doing it on the edge. So this is where AI, IoT, edge, wearables, all this comes to play.”– Ilyas