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Kyndryl’s services include the use of cloud technology and the boosting of a new cybersecurity strategy

Madrid, January 19, 2023 - Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the world's largest provider of IT infrastructure services, and the City Hall of Alcobendas (a municipality in the Spanish region of Madrid) today announced their collaboration to transform the Consistory's IT systems and improve the experience for its citizens. Thanks to this transformation, Alcobendas residents will see an improvement in the capacity and availability of its municipal services, such as the use of sport centers and cultural centers, trash collection and security in the city.

For regional governments, it’s a constant challenge to provide their communities with secure advanced services and rapid responses. That’s why it’s important to have a good modernization plan for their IT infrastructure that supports the applications that allow them to create a sustainable urban fabric with the collaboration and satisfaction of their inhabitants.

At Alcobendas, Kyndryl focuses on ensuring that the Madrid municipality has modernized technology capabilities and services that meet the demands of today’s technology-driven world. That is why Kyndryl will migrate the City Hall’s traditional IT architecture to a private cloud, which will provide infrastructure availability, agility, and scalability in a secure environment. 

In addition, Kyndryl will upgrade its software, database and middleware with high availability on virtualized platforms. The pay-per-use model of this service will help the City Hall to increase the efficiency of its processes and reduce its costs.

“Having the support of Kyndryl’s depth of experience and execution capabilities underpins the success of our digital transformation and allows us to accelerate our digital efforts with confidence, based on the most advanced cloud services and technologies," said Roberto Fraile, Innovation and Digital Transformation councilman of Alcobendas Town Hall.

Improvements in security and the digital work environment
The project also has a cybersecurity component. Thanks to its service layer and proven practices, Kyndryl will help this administration to design its data continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

The initiative will also bring significant improvements to the digital workplace. Among them, Kyndryl’s Digital Workplace services will provide the Consistory with a User Assistance Center, a virtual desktop solution that improves the availability and manageability of workstation applications. By improving the employee experience, the city of Alcobendas will increase job productivity and collaboration across public sector workers and officials while performing critical tasks in the office or remotely, ultimately resulting in stronger community engagement and consumer satisfaction for the citizens of Alcobendas.

"We appreciate the trust that Alcobendas has placed in the ability of our teams and in our capacity for innovation and execution," explained David Soto, President of Kyndryl Spain and Portugal. "We are undoubtedly facing a very ambitious and large-scale digital transformation project that requires the articulation of an appropriate cloud services and technologies offer and its support in professionals of the highest qualification." 

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