By Antoine Shagoury, Chief Technology Officer at Kyndryl

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the world of business. It can augment human capabilities, automate processes, enhance customer experiences and generate new insights from data.

But AI isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that can be easily applied to any business or problem. AI requires a strategic vision, a clear understanding of the business objectives and challenges as well as robust data infrastructure, a skilled and diverse talent pool, a culture of innovation and a strong governance and ethical framework. What’s more, using such technology also involves a complex and dynamic ecosystem of technologies, tools, platforms and vendors that need to be carefully evaluated and integrated.

Building intelligence for businesses

AI touches nearly all sectors and industries — and the pace of adoption and implementation is accelerating in key industries such as manufacturing, financial services and healthcare, to name a few.

No matter where companies are on their AI journey, Kyndryl is helping them understand how best to utilize AI to achieve success and meet goals. Our solutions include full-stack services for data modernization, data platform management and enterprise AI services, rooted in a structure that delivers automated workflows, built-in intelligence and a seamless overview across the organization’s data.

Key considerations for developing an AI implementation strategy

It is important to find a trusted partner that can leverage its deep domain and enterprise-grade AI expertise. At Kyndryl, we implement enterprise-grade generative AI and can demonstrate how to responsibly scale generative AI. Here are five areas that we focus on to help our customers successfully implement AI:

1. Data modernization

It is crucial to help businesses modernize systems with a data platform for the cloud that unlocks the full potential of AI. We provide the architecture and best practices to solve complex data management issues and deliver data modernization.

2. Enterprise AI

Kyndryl helps to create an end-to-end data supply chain to enable seamless data processing and informed decisions based on data insights.

3. Talent and culture

Kyndryl helps businesses develop and retain the talent and skills needed to succeed in AI, from data scientists and engineers to business analysts and domain experts. Equally important: we provide technical guidance on the adoption of best practices and principles for AI governance and ethics.

4. Research and innovation

So that companies can gain a competitive edge in AI, Kyndryl conducts and collaborates on research and innovation projects, and provides access to AI experts and partners.

5. Customer satisfaction and trust

Kyndryl has earned the trust and confidence of customers by delivering AI solutions that meet or exceed expectations, and by adhering to the highest standards of quality, ethics and professionalism. This is why we are a strategic partner for the leading hyperscalers — AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud — and have established alliances with Cisco, Dell, Lenovo and Red Hat.

Kyndryl consistently helps enterprises drive efficiencies and deliver greater value for their businesses through collaborative innovation, industry-specific models, and use cases and solutions that drive optimal experiences. We help build trusted data foundations and architectures and large-language model operations (LLMOps) frameworks while generating AI insights at scale, in a responsible way.

In the last year, we witnessed the democratization of AI, and we saw interest grow across industries on how to effectively implement the technology. Without question, AI will powerfully impact industries throughout 2024, and the concept of intelligent enterprises will become more prominent.

Antoine Shagoury

Chief Technology Officer