Learn the four keys to IT modernization success from Excellia - Grupo Romero’s VP of Technology

Renzo Hurtado shares how to future-proof your business

The world as we know it can change at a moment's notice. So, what does it take for today’s business leaders to help their companies be “future ready”?

Few leaders are better positioned to answer that question than Renzo Hurtado, VP of Technology at Excellia - Grupo Romero, a large conglomerate with operations in consumer goods, agriculture, logistics, banking and more.

Hurtado said that to successfully future-proof your business, it’s important to transform the organization’s IT operating model to fit future needs, strengthen defenses against emerging cyberthreats and harness the value of data. “Data is the new oil,” he said.

Kyndryl has been working with Grupo Romero to help advance its IT modernization efforts and help its portfolio of companies innovate for a more digital future.