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Deliver performance improvements and invest in transformation for healthcare

Deliver performance improvements to reinvest in transformational initiatives for the Health System

Kyndryl is working with a large healthcare provider to migrate critical workloads, including its Electronic Health Record (EHR) to the cloud to improve productivity and enable more coordinated and efficient patient care.

how we helped

Consolidating multiple electronic health record (EHR) systems to a single standardized EHR.

Improve efficiency and workflow

With centralized patient data and medical records, healthcare providers can access information more quickly and easily.

Strengthen security posture

By reducing technical debt, organizations can enhance their security posture and optimize operations to stay updated with application capabilities.

Enhance patient care

Healthcare providers can make more informed decisions while improving coordination of care and a higher quality of patient care.

Migrating critical workloads to cloud.

Unleashing Cloud Potential

By migrating workloads, they were able to take advantage of innovation and rich functionality enabled on the cloud.

Data driven insights

Harness data for more informed decision-making.

Streamline operations

Improve communication and collaboration across all members of the care team.

Identifying new ways to improve the patient and caregiver experience by simplifying the orchestration of the technology environment.

Improved clinician productivity

Providing a dedicated Clinical Service Desk so that clinicians can focus on patient care.

Workflow optimization

Embedding a Clinical Experience Leader to bridge the gap between technology and patient care.

Enhanced observability

Integration with the service management platform that improves observability and time to resolution.

Customer use cases
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Reimagine IT delivery for Healthcare
Reimagine IT delivery for Healthcare

A large, not-for-profit healthcare organization with hundreds of locations, is committed to advancing patient care by continuously learning and applying new knowledge. This mission was hindered by unreliable, dated technology and a lack of timely and focused support for clinicians.

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Safeguard patient information with cyber-resilient systems
Safeguard patient information with cyber-resilient systems

A large healthcare organization needed Kyndryl’s help to advance its cyber resilience position to protect its patient data.

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