Accelerating growth with an agile Contact Center as a Service solution

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Business opportunity

When solutions are customized to the workflows of individual customers, it can be challenging to efficiently onboard and support others, potentially constraining business growth.

Chain IQ Group AG, a leading provider of indirect procurement solutions, aimed to unlock its full growth potential by increasing the flexibility and stability of systems supporting its global contact centers. The goal? Enable greater agility and rapid, cost-effective process modifications that allow IT staff and contact center agents to focus on delivering more value to customers and lines-of-business teams.


Chain IQ is determined to generate above-market value for its multinational clients, transforming indirect procurement toward a world-class, resilient, and digitalized end-to-end function.

Herbert Brecheis,
CIO of Chain IQ Group

Technical challenge

The legacy on-premises contact center solution at Chain IQ supported agents in three countries across two continents. Changes to the existing solution would have required costly and time-consuming development. As a result, it was challenging to keep up with the rising demand for adding and modifying new customers and existing workflows.

The company also faced a tight deadline: With just weeks available to make a change, Chain IQ sought out a better contact center solution.


In this journey, we harnessed innovation to drive growth and excellence. Our contact center being client facing has been a critical part of the successful transformation.

Herbert Brecheis,
CIO of Chain IQ Group

Our solution

Together, Chain IQ, Kyndryl and Five9 deployed a Contact Center as a Service solution in just three weeks, including the integration of telecom providers and backend systems.

The expertise and collaborative partnership between Kyndryl and Five9 gave Chain IQ confidence in the co-delivery model.

The power of partnership

Delivering a seamless contact center demands detailed requirements—expert design and effective implementation—and every business has its own specific contact center needs.

Kyndryl, Five9 and Chain IQ worked together as one team to co-create a tailored Contact Center as a Service solution, integrating Single Sign-On, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow applications. Learn more about the Kyndryl and Chain IQ partnership.


What progress looks like

Kyndryl was uniquely qualified to support Chain IQ in the next stage of its cloud journey. A team of Kyndryl experts helped migrate and transform the contact center at exceptional speed, translating complex business requirements into a fully integrated solution.

  • Accelerated creation of customized workflows for individual Chain IQ customers
  • The cloud-based contact center empowered contact center agents to modify customer reports without IT developer support
  • 50% faster onboarding supports faster, lower-cost acquisition of new customers for Chain IQ
  • Maximized agility and scalability for Chain IQ with an elastic contract from Kyndryl that enables frictionless dynamic resizing of the contact center based on demand


About Chain IQ

With customers in 49 countries and 650+ employees, Chain IQ Group AG is a leading provider of indirect procurement and business procurement outsourcing (BPO) services.

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Meet the team

Herbert Brecheis

CIO of Chain IQ Group

Jan Pospíšil

Account Partner, Kyndryl

Guntars Otto

Associate Director, Customer Technology Advisor, Kyndryl

Chris Hardy

Director, Business Architecture, Kyndryl

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