In celebration of Women’s History Month, industry leaders share the importance of fostering female empowerment and solidarity in the workplace

In today’s workplace, the journey toward greater success involves creating a culture where women are supported and empowered. Organizations across industries are embracing the value of mentorship, celebrating diversity and ensuring inclusivity to pave the way for workplace equality.

Here, six female executives — from both Kyndryl and its customers — reveal why they are committed to elevating and empowering women at work.

Nel Akoth | Chief Transformation Officer, Kyndryl

Elevating success

When I think about what it means to elevate each other’s success, Kate Hodges' quote, "Behind every great woman ... is another great woman," resonates deeply with me. Women leaders play a crucial role in breaking barriers and building a more inclusive future. I'm thankful for the strong women who supported me throughout my professional career, those who intentionally work toward highlighting female accomplishments and providing an environment for women to thrive.

Raising the bar

While we have made great progress, our journey is far from over. We must keep motivating one another to advance further, lift up each other’s achievements and, above all, continue to role model our leadership attributes, creating a tradition of empowerment for future generations of women.

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Mikhail Templeton | Vice President, Senior Partner, Kyndryl

Creating community

An immense source of pride for me is creating an organic community of mentees, affectionately dubbed The Mints, a mentoring community that unites women from diverse backgrounds. The Mints not only fosters authentic and meaningful connections but also encourages others to exchange ideas and experiences that drive personal growth.

Being an ally

Witnessing the camaraderie and mutual support among this group reaffirmed the transformative power that inclusivity and collaboration can have on others. It's a reminder that by uplifting women and fostering a supportive community, we create a playbook for success that propels us all to victory.

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Melissa Babcock | North America Region, IT Relationship Management Leader, Dow

Finding common ground

Supporting women in the workplace is essential for understanding and overcoming our unique challenges. My career has been enriched by mentoring other women, sharing experiences, addressing common struggles and finding ways we can help each other triumph.

Championing others

Speaking at a women's college organization about work/life balance was a particularly rewarding experience for me. I was able to reflect on the importance of taking ownership and setting boundaries for yourself. I'm grateful for the support I've received from other women and am dedicated to offering the same encouragement and guidance to others.

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Maryjo Charbonnier | Chief Human Resources Officer, Kyndryl

Embracing empathy

At Kyndryl, our support for women is deeply intertwined with one of our core values: empathy. This value, which may seem unusual in a corporate setting, is fundamental to our identity and our mission to be at the "heart of progress" for our customers, communities and one another. Practicing empathy is vital if we want to successfully recognize and support the multifaceted lives of women.

Enriching lives

As a female business leader and a mother of five, I see value in not only recognizing the many roles that women play but also in actively providing support and flexibility to align with their needs. By serving as mentors to other women in the workplace, we can further embody empathy and champion the success of women in the IT industry and beyond.

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Cristina Coelho de Abreu Pinna | Digital Transformation Lead, Bradesco

Valuing differences

Embracing diversity is crucial for understanding and meeting our clients' needs across gender, ethnicity and experience. In the tech industry, where women remain underrepresented, our aim is to foster equity and empower them. Women bring valuable technical and socio-emotional skills that enrich our culture, projects and daily work.

Building confidence

We need to empower women to feel confident and capable, through encouraging their growth, amplifying their voices and eliminating barriers to equality. By celebrating their achievements and providing support, guidance and opportunities, we can help them excel and shine in their roles.

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Heloisa Cristina Dos Santos | Systems Department Manager, Bradesco

Establishing a support system

A positive support network is crucial for women to overcome gender inequality in the workplace and enhance their decision-making autonomy. This type of supportive community not only yields positive outcomes for women but also instills gratitude and empowerment, allowing for open, judgment-free discussions.

Achieving success

Inspirational female leaders are aiding others with their advice and encouragement, helping to place more women in traditionally male roles and emphasizing their role in creating a more equal society. By emphasizing collaboration and embodying change both in the workplace and all other aspects of life, we strengthen the collective mission of achieving professional success and leaving a lasting, positive legacy.

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