By Mark Slaga, Global Practice Leader, Kyndryl Consult.

When it comes to digital modernization, it’s all about outcomes. To get there, you have to know what you’re doing — and where you’re headed. A few simple slides with a “roadmap” from people who’ve never been there just doesn’t cut it. Instead, you hire a guide who knows the territory, who’s been there before, and who has the insights, judgment and creativity to accompany you on a safe journey. Kyndryl Consult incorporates the best of everything Kyndryl does, and focuses on the singular outcome of customer success. Here’s how:

1. Proven experience

Kyndryl brings more than 90,000 experts to the table with the energy and enthusiasm of a fresh new company, tempered by decades in the field. Our experience with the world’s largest and most important critical infrastructure companies in banking, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and more has given Kyndryl Consult the insights and expertise to help customers visualize their goals, maximize the value of their current IT estates, design intelligent growth strategies, and get it right the first time, and the next time as markets, technologies and requirements evolve.

2. Pragmatic (yet innovative) transformation strategies

Anybody can advise you to buy everything in the store and hope for the best. But it takes an experienced partner to listen to you, align with your thinking, and then apply their talent and resources to meeting your needs. Nobody has all the money and all the time. So IT investments must be strategic in ways that look both forward and back — making the most profitable use of what customers already have, and then guiding their digital modernizations in ways that lead to positive outcomes. Kyndryl Consult is uniquely qualified to advise customers on where to invest, what to protect, and how to position themselves to stay ahead of the game.

3. Accelerated business outcomes

When it comes to digital transformation, companies are facing at least two daunting challenges: the need to do it right, and the need to do it yesterday. Whatever the industry or requirement, Kyndryl Consult has the expertise and scale to deliver what customers need today. The result is positive, on-time business outcomes that don’t sacrifice future success for temporary expediency. Kyndryl Consult meets customers where they live, understands what they need, and brings all of the major hyperscalers and solutions providers — plus industry-certified experts and more than 3,000 patents — to each engagement.

One year ago, Kyndryl launched as an independent company with an open field of opportunity for our customers, our partners and ourselves. Over that time, we have enhanced and realigned our capabilities for our new and existing customers. Kyndryl Consult consolidates our strengths in service to their success.

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