By Kris Lovejoy, SVP, Security and Resilience; David Wyshner, CFO; and Harish Grama, SVP, Cloud

Women’s History Month kicks off today with a simple yet powerful theme: embrace equity.

It’s a call to action that we hope cultivates meaningful change in the workplace, creating equal opportunities for more women around the globe.

Acclaimed journalist Tian Wei once said, “Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world.” We understand the advantage of empowering women to help modernize the world around us. Now is the perfect time to finally stand down the legacy gap of inequity with the right preparedness and understanding of what is possible for women.

At Kyndryl that is what we are poised to do. We are led by women in various executive and senior roles across regions and within our various teams and practices. And as we build our new enterprise, we will continue to invest in women on the rise within our organization — providing opportunities for growth and development.

Supporting Women Across the World

Progress is never easy and rarely is it comfortable. As leaders we must consistently power through every challenge that stalls women’s attempts to move forward.

It takes an evolved mindset, a culture of compassion and empathy — which is the Kyndryl way. It also takes focused opportunities for training and advancement.

As a burgeoning IT enterprise, Kyndryl is supporting female leadership in many ways. The company is offering a 10-month leadership development program specifically for women. The program partners with leading business schools such as Stanford Graduate School of Business, Yale School of Management and Columbia Business School, to name a few, giving participants the chance to gain career-enhancing experiences, complete real-world projects and earn certifications.

The company is also focused on developing skills at a grassroots level. In January, Kyndryl launched "Cyber Rakshak,” an initiative to advance cybersecurity skills among rural women in India in collaboration with the Common Services Centers (CSC) e-Governance Services which operates under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Under this initiative, Kyndryl will train more than 100,000 women in 500 semi-urban and rural districts in India on cybersecurity risks and best practices.

It is all a part of the efforts to grow a sustainable enterprise and influence the world we serve. Because an invaluable part of our success is providing the right support to women — knowing when they thrive, we all excel.

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