Kyndryl and Microsoft are bringing new paths to value to our enterprise customers by enabling cloud-based insights and innovation with the mainframe. Why? Because connecting mainframe data to Microsoft Power Platform via the new Mainframe Data Pipe  yields four distinct advantages:

  • Accessibility: Mainframe data becomes more accessible across the organization with cloud-based application integrations to enhance use cases like machine learning, AI and more.
  • Innovation: Combining mainframe data with other internal and external data sources can create new applications that deliver value across a single DevOps pipeline.
  • Collaboration: Mainframe talking to Teams using natural query language enhances productivity and speed of execution.
  • Integration: Incorporating mainframe data into low-code and no-code applications such as Microsoft Power Platform can enable a data-driven business environment empowering professional developers and citizen developers alike.

Integrating cloud-based functionality with the mainframe not only preserves the value of enterprise IT investments, but enhances them in ways that enable faster digital transformation. Making mainframe data available through Microsoft Azure cloud environments unlocks data silos and opens the enterprise to the transformative benefits of cloud-based applications, machine learning and AI – helping to accelerate the modernization and integration of a true hybrid environment.

If you land your data in one place [a data estate], a business can write whatever story they want.

Sarah Maston

Director of Partner Development, Microsoft

What this means is that mainframe customers can choose the right platform for the right workload. They can continue to count on proven industry-specific applications, unparalleled reliability and bulletproof security; add cloud-based innovation and scalability; and have it all co-created and co-managed  by the firm with the strongest and most diverse mainframe skills on the planet.